Employee App Buyer’s Guide

Think about how you make any major purchase in your everyday life. Like, say, a car.

You do your homework.

You explore makes and models. Scour safety and maintenance performance. Features. Mileage. Financing options. You probably do all of that before even thinking about stepping foot onto a dealership lot because you want to be prepared.

And, chances are, your head will end up spinning. It’s confusing, daunting, and even a little scary. You’re worried about making the wrong decision.

Well, it can be a similar level of anxiety when buying enterprise employee communication software. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to help.

Employee App GuideDynamic Signal’s new Employee App Buyer’s Guide demystifies the process.

Feel more confident as you evaluate how an Employee App can make your workforce happier and more productive – and your business more successful. Learn how you can drive consensus within your organization by building a strong business case.

Organizations today understand that it’s more critical than ever to reach all of their employees, wherever they are, on the channels and devices they prefer. People expect company information delivered the same way they receive everything else in their personal lives – with convenience. That includes push notifications sent directly to their phones, wearable devices, and desktops.

They want communication on their terms.

It’s why Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, recently recognized this emerging category with a name: Employee Communications Applications (ECA).

“Organizations use ECA solutions to improve engagement by enabling more effective information flows, relevant work insights and inclusive culture across the employee experience,” Gartner wrote in a market guide.

Here’s a more straightforward way to describe this solution:

Employee App.

Our guide is everything you need to know about an Employee App and its capabilities, as well as an overview of industry-leader Dynamic Signal. Learn why 350 companies partner with us to more effectively connect with their employees, provide easy access to the resources they need for their jobs, and enable them to be advocates for their companies.

Think of this as GPS for your buying journey, so you don’t experience any buyer’s remorse.

Get what you want, what your employees will love, and what your company needs.

You can make the right choice.

Employee App Buyer’s Guide

If you’re interested in learning even more about Employee Apps after checking out our eBook, here are some additional resources.

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