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The second-annual Summit by Dynamic Signal explored the most significant communication challenge every company faces today – engaging and inspiring employees.

  • Communication is harder than ever in the evolving, distributed, “gig” workplace
  • Employees expect companies to engage them on their terms
  • Dynamic Signal helps companies connect with employees

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. With our family. Our friends. And, of course, between employees and their organizations.

People expect to know what’s going on at their company. They need access to the right tools and resources to do their jobs well. They want to be heard. And they want to share the great things happening at their workplace.

But there’s a problem.

80 percent of the world’s 2.7 billion workers don’t sit at desksCommunication is hard in a workplace that’s evolving at a breathtaking pace. Consider:

  • 80 percent of the world’s 2.7 billion workers don’t sit at desks
  • 43 percent of employees work at least part of the time remotely
  • 43 percent of the U.S. workforce is expected to be part of “the gig economy” by 2020 as companies rely on contractors who may lack corporate communications channels
  • 38 percent of the workforce consists of tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z employees, and that will increase to 58 percent over the next decade

Meanwhile, our world is a noisy, chaotic place thanks to a proliferation of channels. A Dynamic Signal study earlier this year found:

  • 85 percent of employees lose at least one to two hours of productivity a week searching for information
  • 52 percent of employees have witnessed poor financial outcomes due to ineffective communication, including lost sales and damaged company reputation
  • 63 percent of employees are so frustrated by how their company communicates with them that they’ve thought about quitting




Do you know who else is frustrated? Communicators, HR professionals, and marketers with no idea who they are reaching or the engagement of those audiences.

Organizations need the ability to reach all of their employees, wherever they are, on the channels and devices that they prefer. And they have to know that they’ve been reached. It’s why more than 350 global customers trust Dynamic Signal. We securely deliver personalized information to their employees and enable them to share content that makes their brand shine.

We conducted a Customer Impact Study in late 2018. On average, our customers saw these improvements:

Customer Impact Study

This is what happens when you have an enterprise system of record for all of your enterprise communication needs. Employees easily find accurate information to do their jobs better.

Paradox of Choices

Employees sitting at desks have too many ways to get information, and too little time to figure out where to find what they need. They have an intranet. Email. Collaboration tools. Digital signage. Printed newsletters.

These point solutions have resulted in information silos. Communicators lack a single platform to reach everyone with top-down messages. You’re forced to rely on a system of multiple channels and then hope that maybe your employees will pay attention.

And there’s no way to know if you successfully reached every employee.

Our platform overcomes this challenge with integrations that consolidate your communication systems and processes. Create or curate content in one place to maintain consistency of message. Securely distribute targeted content across the channels that your employees already are using.

Dynamic Signal Platform
A multi-channel approach is the best way to reach ALL of your employees, wherever they’re working or accessing information. That can be Slack, Yammer, Outlook, Cisco Webex Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and more. Reduce the volume of email employees have to wade through. Drive them to precisely the right place on your Intranet or other systems through targeted broadcasts.

Dynamic Signal’s innovative reach metrics give you an unprecedented view of who is reachable and who you are successfully reaching. Engagement on those channels syncs to Dynamic Signal through our deep integrations that ­provide those accurate analytics.

Transforming the Mobile Employee Experience

Knowledge workers struggle to find the information they need. But frontline workers have the opposite problem.

Mobile Employee ExperienceThey’re in an information drought.

Think about nurses on hospital floors. Factory workers at manufacturing plants. Retail sales associates. Workers at restaurants and hotels. Drivers. They’re all always moving. They don’t have time to open up a laptop – even if they have one.

You probably have more employees working remotely, too. You may also rely on gig workers who lack access to intranets and corporate email.

It’s no wonder that these workers might feel forgotten. The way you communicate with your deskbound employees doesn’t work for them.

Well, people – especially the Millennial and Gen Z demographics – live through their phones today. Why should it be any different for them at work? A mobile-optimized experience is the best solution for engaging those hard-to-reach workers. It’s the way office workers prefer to be engaged as well.

Employees also need easy access to the resources and tools they need – all in the palms of their hands. They want one place on their mobile devices to:

  • Interact – asking questions in a structured and productive way
  • Learn – about new skills, new products, new policies
  • Stay organized – access work schedules and other forms.

That enables a great employee experience.

Operational Communications

Let’s also think about the day-to-day management of people, how smaller teams can connect on a more operational basis as well as the need for critical events communication.

Dynamic Signal makes it easy for platform administrators to create content and target it to just the right people – all on the mobile app. It allows them to communicate in a more personalized, intuitive way.

When you bring all of these capabilities together in one platform, you have a communication system of record for your organization.

Simplify, integrate, and consolidate your existing systems so you can:

  • Reach everyone
  • Unify your communication channels
  • Create a single source of truth

We’re working every day to enable the world’s largest and best enterprises to become more successful.

And we’re just getting started.

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