Helping IT End Employee Communication Chaos

What You’ll Learn

  • Why workforce communication became so dangerously chaotic
  • The (high) costs of poor employee communication and engagement
  • How Dynamic Signal provides IT teams the power to streamline and govern employee communication

Important information needs to get out to everyone in your organization.

A PR crisis. A data breach. New compliance requirements. Leadership change. Something critical for people to know – right now.

Most enterprises use a fragmented combination of collaboration and chat tools, intranets, and email to share the news. All have their purposes in enabling employees to collaborate and share information. But this isn’t a cohesive, accountable, broadcast communication system.

Most enterprises don’t have one way to reach all of their increasingly dispersed employees. Email distribution lists are never kept up to date. Employees are using unsanctioned messaging apps with confidential company (and customer!) information. We’re witnessing an explosion of collaboration platforms with countless channels and no way to know what any employee saw.

The result is an enormous challenge for IT teams, who are in charge of managing this chaos.

  • People are in different locations
  • Some are at desks, and many are not
  • Some have corporate email addresses, and many do not
  • There’s little ability to target and segment content – and those distribution lists are a management nightmare
  • No way to know who is receiving and engaging with messages

Organizations – and IT teams – require is a single, trusted source of truth.

There should be one platform to broadcast essential communications with every employee in a secure, targeted, measurable way. It also must give you the ability to deliver information to employees in the manner and medium they prefer, wherever they are.

At Dynamic Signal, we provide IT teams the power to make that happen.

  • Consolidate communication through secure, sustainable integrations
  • Maintain control of systems, access, and reach
  • Provide the ability for approved communicators to personalized information to their specific employee audiences
  • Handle the technical heavy-lifting with our innovative Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
  • Manage in a cloud-native, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform

With Dynamic Signal, IT teams can bring order to the communication chaos within their organizations.

Today’s Reality

For desk-oriented employees, the workplace is changing at a rapid pace. Work isn’t where you go anymore. It’s what you do. And it goes with you.

The “office” can be anywhere – like the kitchen table or a coffee shop. It’s why a 2017 Gallup poll found that 43 percent of Americans work at least part of the time remotely. Forbes recently said that there’s no place like home when it comes to employee engagement. And the Harvard Business Review asked this question: Is it time to let employees work from anywhere?

Another study found that 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be part of this freelance workforce by 2020 as the “gig economy” grows.

For deskless workers on the front lines, they’re left mainly in the dark. Traditional technology channels (email, intranets) serve people who generally work on computers. Yet an estimated 80 percent of the global workforce doesn’t sit at desks. They’re walking hospital floors, driving trucks, serving customers in retail, and working on construction sites and in factories.

Connecting with both groups is harder than ever.

And the cost of poor communication on organizations is devastating.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, in a survey of U.S.-based executives, said inefficient workplace communication leads to breakdowns resulting in increased stress levels, delays or failures to complete projects, low company morale, missed performance goals, and lost sales.

On the other hand, The McKinsey Global Institute determined that productivity improves by 20 to 25 percent in organizations with connected employees. Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report also found that organizations with higher employee engagement see 17 percent greater productivity.

So, the benefits of internal communication are clear.

Dynamic Signal’s Solution

We provide a single interface for executives, people managers, HR, IT, and corporate communicators to create and curate content. Then, we can securely distribute across the communication channels your organization already uses while also providing reach and engagement metrics. The platform integrates seamlessly with any enterprise business application. The result is a single repository for essential resources, tools, and information that employees can access and utilize quickly.

Some key features and product characteristics include:

  • Safely and securely connect with everyone – including frontline and remote workers
  • Create and curate content in one place and simultaneously send it across multiple channels
  • Reach employees through mobile device app, desktop app, and web browser
  • Automatically group and target employees based on attributes such as roles, teams, locations
  • Control over member and admin permissions
  • Ability to measure and monitor who you reach

Our enterprise-grade employee communication platform is used by 350 global customers, including more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100. Five million employees around the globe rely on Dynamic Signal.

Key Considerations for IT


Dynamic Signal easily integrates with your existing systems or serve as a stand-alone system.

We have out-of-the-box integrations for many of your current communication systems, such as SSO, intranet, email, collaboration tools, etc. For your more customized systems (HRIS, CMS, etc.), we’re able to integrate using our innovative iPaaS system – called DySiL. It allows us to quickly scope, build, and deliver enterprise-grade integrations that meet your unique business needs.

Dynamic Signal Integrations

There’s no solution like it in the Employee Communication and Engagement or Employee Experience technology markets.

It has significant advantages over the usual out-of-the-box integrations or building something from scratch with our open API. DySiL enables us to tailor the platform to securely meet the specific needs of your enterprise and IT requirements. You can securely pull information from other applications so that the right information gets into the hands of the right employees.

  • Purpose-built integration framework that works seamlessly with the platform
  • Quickly deliver custom integrations to ensure faster time to value
  • Less time, effort, and resources needed by IT teams because Dynamic Signal builds, maintains, and supports all integrations
  • Highly secure, requiring no additional third-party vendors that traditional iPaaS solutions require

Here are some examples of how DySiL can integrate with your systems to drive value and engagement:

DySiL Examples


We know IT teams are the organizational gatekeepers who guard the (fire)walls to protect the enterprise from all threats. Dynamic Signal helps with enterprise-grade security that’s easy to deploy.

  • Greater oversight. More systems result in more security gaps. Our single platform reduces security risks that come with multiple systems.
  • Auditable logs. Platform audit trail enables IT to monitor communication systems as well as determine the cause of any problems.
  • Extend the value of existing infrastructure. Increase the usage of current systems employees rely on and that IT already manages.

Ease of Deployment

Dynamic Signal has the largest customer success team in the industry. We specialize in working with IT teams to get platforms up and running quickly – and maintain them for ongoing success. Our world-class experts can deploy Dynamic Signal in your organization within weeks.

Value of Dynamic Signal

We conducted a Customer Impact Study in 2019 to gauge the value achieved with the platform. Customers told us about improvements they see in reaching their employees, communicating more efficiently, and increasing usage of existing channel and technology investments.

Here are some of the highlights and how the platform contributes to richer employee experiences:

Dynamic Signal Impact

Dynamic Signal is a “win-win” for IT executives, communicators, HR pros, and marketers. It ensures that when your C-Suite comes to you with something important to share, you can easily empower them to reach their people – and know it has their attention.

The Dynamic Signal platform enables IT to retake control of the ever-growing communication chaos and make the enterprise secure, agile, and informed. IT and your business partners will have unprecedented insight into what information is reaching your employees, what information is resonating, and how you need to change your strategy to get your people focused on what your company believes is important.

What enterprise doesn’t need that?

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