A Day in the Life as a Dynamic Signal Professional Services Consultant

Kimberley ShawKimberley Shaw joined the Dynamic Signal team in October of 2019 based in the Belfast office. She brings a wealth of experience within the technical consulting space to our Professional Services team. She outlines her role and how she helps customers.

What does a typical day look like in the Professional Services team?

I start my day checking through my emails, and then I usually have a meeting before lunch. This could range from an introductory call with a new customer or a weekly status update call on an ongoing engagement. Then I have lunch. We are lucky to have an office location in the city centre close to all the great food places. We often go for team lunches together, and in the short time I have been here, I have tried so many new places that I had never been before! The remainder of my day is spent working on the configuration of customer’s Dynamic Signal communities or documentation such as training guides, and providing general support to customers and answering any queries.

What is the first thing you do when you come to the DySi office?

Depending on my calendar, I make the most of the flexible hours policy and usually come in for around 10 a.m. I settle down at my desk with a cup of tea and some snacks from our free snack cupboard (which saves me a fortune!) and check my emails.

What was your first week like?

When I first joined Dynamic Signal, I was able to settle in really quickly as everyone is welcoming, friendly, and more than happy to answer any questions. I regularly had people checking in on me and assisting with my onboarding/training. It wasn’t only my colleagues in Belfast but also DySi staff in other locations such as London and San Francisco, which was cool. You really feel involved in the company as a whole, and you’re not just left on your own to figure things out.

What has been your favourite thing about the role so far?

I love the atmosphere in the office. It’s really relaxed and good fun. Everyone is really easy to get along with too. I have also been enjoying the work itself. I have been involved in engagements with some big-name clients. (We work with a lot of the Fortune 500 companies.) That makes it really interesting, and there is a good amount of variety to the work as every implementation of the Dynamic Signal platform is unique to each customer’s needs.

DySi Belfast Team

What gives you a sense of accomplishment in a day?

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can complete any tasks assigned to me to a high standard and provide the customers with a positive experience of Dynamic Signal. That, in turn, contributes to the success and growth of the company. There is a strong reward and recognition ethos within Dynamic Signal and every achievement, big or small, is celebrated. Everyone supports each other and is quick to praise/ give good feedback for hard work.

What do the next six months look like?

Over the next six months, there are some exciting opportunities coming up to work with global companies, including potential on-site visits in Dubai and Europe. I will be working alongside colleagues in the U.S. and London offices, and getting more involved in engagements and building strong relationships with our customers.

It will be exciting for the Belfast office, too, with a lot of growth expected within our team. Our numbers are growing numbers, and we’re moving into a bigger office space. (Fingers crossed for a pool table!)

What helps you wind down at the end of the week?

Friday is a great day within the DySi Belfast office. It normally involves heading out for lunch somewhere or Friday drinks in the office. That helps with the transition into the weekend, so there is no winding down necessary! That’s why I genuinely enjoy coming into work on a Monday morning and catching up with everyone and planning for the week ahead.


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