Hello World! (A Note from Dynamic Signal’s New President and CEO)

Hello World

When I was in college in the mid-90s studying computer science engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, like many budding engineers, I would begin learning a new computing language like C++ or Java by writing the typical “HELLO WORLD” program, which for those uninitiated just creates the text, “HELLO WORLD” on the screen.

While this is the easiest of programs to write, I would take considerable time with it, pouring over each line of syntax. I was learning a new language and did not want to miss any of the basics.  I knew they would be important foundations for later, and I did not want to take short-cuts, at least not on anything foundational.

Fast-forward a few years. I was deeper into tech and programming, as both an engineer and consultant. I was OK at it – not great. But I did have a lot of fun doing it.

I soon discovered entrepreneurship, enterprise selling, and customer success. Most importantly, I began learning more about developing and leading great teams. This, to me, was both fascinating and deeply rewarding. I loved helping customers and teammates reach what seemed like impossible goals. I loved repeating a process over and over again until we perfected it. I loved the grind. I loved the competition. I even loved the sacrifice. I loved turning “no” into “yes” and “you can’t” into “we just did.” That dogged pursuit gave me some meaning then, and it still does now.

But there’s more to life than just the hustle.

At the time, I also had a young family and I set a clear goal: Be the very best leader, husband, and father I could be. I’d repeat that goal to myself as both my mantra and affirmation any time things would get tough. And they did. I failed at all three more than once.

Until I realized my mantra needed one more addition: If you fail, rebuild and do it better.

Because as it turns out, great leadership and great relationships are really hard. But digging into that hard work is where the magic happens. It’s where life happens. It keeps me humble, ready to learn, and ready to try a better path. (But never a short-cut.)

While some of my failures have been some of my best teachers, I’m happy to say I’ve found amazing successes along the way as well. That includes helping to build CallidusCloud into a $2.5 billion, market-leading SaaS company. For the successes, the failures, and all the hard work that led to them, I’m incredibly grateful.

Now is the beginning of a new adventure. 

I’m honored and grateful to the team at Dynamic Signal for welcoming me with open arms as their president and chief executive officer. The board, executives, and extended team are amazing people who are already inspiring me. I love the mission they’ve been on for the last 10 years to help employees around the world become more informed, engaged, and empowered.

I’m thrilled to join this team now as we continue our growth and set even greater goals for ourselves and our 300-plus world-class customers.

Most of all, I love that our award-winning app helps companies reach all of their employees around the world, whether they are in offices or on hospital floors, oil rigs, or anywhere else – making them feel more connected, included, and inspired.

When we do our jobs well at Dynamic Signal, we can make a difference in millions of lives. That’s incredible.  And it’s also a great responsibility. 

We know our customers already achieve amazing results when they use our Employee Communication and Engagement platform, including better employee retention, better productivity, and higher Glassdoor scores. (Just check out these findings from our most recent Customer Impact Study!) But in truth, we’re just getting started with the innovation and value we will bring!

So, to our wonderful employees, customers, partners, and community I say, “Hello World!” I promise to do everything I can to deliver for each of you, and I could not be more excited about our future.



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Eric Brown

Eric is the president and CEO of Dynamic Signal, the leading Employee Communication and Engagement Platform.