The Power of Quick Links to Provide Information During a Crisis

In the moments that matter most, it’s essential for employees to find what they need – fast. I think we also can all agree that we’re experiencing one of those moments now.

Quick Links for COVID-19The coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed how business is getting done. Workforces, which already were increasingly dispersed, are now more displaced than ever. Not surprisingly, employees have questions. Such as:

Should I come into work?  What should I do if I feel sick?  How do I talk to my direct reports?  Where do I turn for technical support when I’m working remotely?  What will my benefits cover?  Is there a phone number to call for general questions?

As a Customer Success Manager at Dynamic Signal, I hear every day from companies that are looking for our help to make information like that easily accessible for employees who already have enough stress in their lives. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do that with our platform and award-winning app – Quick Links.

This one-touch, customizable feature surfaces the relevant information that employees need and want. Your latest FAQs. Leadership announcements. Benefit resources. Health and safety information. Business continuity updates. The list is endless. We’re seeing customers be incredibly creative in leveraging Quick Links to make the right information and messages available to their people, wherever they’re working.

Your organization also has an urgent need to make employees aware of critical content. Quick Links can help.

As part of our effort to help you cope with the ongoing pandemic, we’ve created this short PowerPoint presentation to give you some ideas on leveraging Quick Links. Even if you’re not using the Dynamic Signal platform, you may still find some useful tips here that you can apply to the systems and channels that you do use.

Quick Links Presentation for COVID-19

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Suzanne Hitcho

Suzanne Hitcho is a Customer Success Manager at Dynamic Signal. She previously worked for Pfizer, Coca-Cola, and the Walt Disney World Company. When not brainstorming better ways to engage your employees, Suzanne enjoys reading, daily walks with her dog and spending time with family.