Elite Voices: Earth Day 2020

This week marked the 50 year anniversary of celebrating Earth Day. Throughout the week, people around the globe celebrated the planet and its incredible biodiversity, while making new resolutions to protect it, and raising awareness for environmental concerns.

For many organizations, #EarthDay2020 also created an opportunity to showcase commitment to sustainability and surface great stories about their employees taking meaningful actions. While this year’s Earth Day may have looked different from previous years, many companies found engaging ways to celebrate from home while keeping everyone safe.

Here at Dynamic Signal, we kicked off Earth Week by sharing sustainable actions that could all be done from home! The team from #DySiCares, our employee-led Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, kept employees inspired by sharing helpful daily tips and fantastic resources to encourage participation and foster culture.

When it comes to creativity and engaging content, some of our amazing Dynamic Signal customers were winning the internet with sustainability ideas, bold commitments, and encouraging stories.

These Dynamic Signal customers embodied the idea that Earth Day isn’t just a day, it’s a movement.

Bacardi took Earth Day as a chance to remind the public of their incredible #GoodSpirited initiatives, which include sourcing materials responsibly, curbing their greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing water consumption.

Booz Allen Hamilton shared the work they’ve been doing through their 10+ year partnership with the Ocean Conservancy. Annually, they team up with the organization during the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), the world’s biggest volunteer effort to protect the ocean. Through many local events, the consulting firm gathers hundreds of employees and their families to beaches to remove trash from the ocean and waterways.

Nestlé USA outlined their environmental goals for the year, as well as shared their ambitious goals for 2030. They currently invest in renewable energy and sustainable methods for their packaging. But that wasn’t enough for Nestlé. By the end of the decade, Nestlé Purina (another one of our favorite customers!) aims to have all of their factories become completely zero waste.

Procter & Gamble has been busy in the past few weeks keeping up with the sudden increased demand in essential products. But the environment was top of mind on April 22nd when Procter & Gamble tapped Virginie Helias, their Chief Sustainability Officer, to share her tips on keeping sustainable practices, even when confined at home.

Not only has the Sutter Health team been on the frontline fighting the virus, they’ve also been providing high-quality, accurate information to the public via their social channels. On Earth Day, their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen H. Lockhart, listed seven steps people can take to get involved with Sutter’s sustainability efforts. In his heartwarming post, he shares that “mobilizing to care for our planet over the long term is one more way we’re showing our love for our communities and one another.”

How did your company engage employees around Earth Day celebrations? We’d love to hear about it. Tweet at us with your thoughts, insights, and inspirational stories!

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