How NCC Group Keeps Employees Informed, Empowered to Share Content

Yvonne Harley has a simple way to describe the impact of the internal communication channel at NCC Group called The Wire.

Yvonne Harley“This is our news platform,” said Harley, the Group Head of Communications for the global cybersecurity and risk mitigation company.

 The Wire, powered by Dynamic Signal, has become an essential part of NCC Group’s comms strategy as the organization navigates the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Harley’s team uses the platform to keep a worldwide workforce informed while enabling them to share knowledgeable content about cybersecurity during this unsettling time.

 “Now, with everyone away from the office and working remotely, Dynamic Signal really has come into its own as people see how they can use it to stay connected,” Harley said. “They want to know what’s going on around the world. This is where they need to come to keep updated on all that is going on. It’s not only in our world but also those related, as we share relevant industry news through the platform, too.”

 Of the 1,700 registered people, more than 1,000 were active on the platform during the first quarter as the outbreak began to spread and disrupt how work gets accomplished.

NCC Group is also using The Wire to amplify the company’s cyber expertise.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of people who are sharing content, which demonstrates how they are proud of their contribution to keeping society safe and secure,” Harley said. “Those sharing through the Dynamic Signal platform like that they can see the results. You can see how many people interacted with you, and it helps them to understand how their social network engages with them.”

Harley recently took a few minutes from her stay-at-home quarantine to share some details of their program.

Keeping Everyone Informed

The Wire launched in March of 2019. The vision was to use the platform as a communication tool that unifies a global company into an interactive community. It reinforces the idea of “one firm,” Harley said.

Now, that sense of connection is even more critical.

Her team has created a Coronavirus Comms category to house content related to the outbreak. They also have a Quick Link on the platform that directs people to frequently needed information about the pandemic. They’ve used the broadcast functionality to notify employees of especially urgent messages, through push notifications to the platform’s mobile and desktop apps.

Not only is company-created content being published, but Harley encourages employees to contribute posts as well. That way, everyone can tell their stories.

“We’re publishing well over 100 pieces of content a month now on the Dynamic Signal platform,” Harley said. “It’s quite significant. It’s the one place to go to connect with our internal and external news.”

It’s also not just outbreak information, either. There has been a concerted effort to continue posting “normal” content that contributes to a thriving company culture. Recently, for instance, posts have celebrated International Women’s Day and World Autism Awareness Week.

Harley added: “We’re one year in, and I can’t remember what life was like here without Dynamic Signal. My team and others have acknowledged that lockdown would have been so much harder without this and the other tools we invested in like Yammer and Teams. We’ve got a live feed of Dynamic Signal into our global operational SharePoint hub, and we’re about to feed Dynamic Signal into Teams – all enhancing and making it easier for colleagues to keep connected.”

Sharing Knowledge

NCC Group plays a significant role in our lives – and we don’t even know it. The organization provides an essential line of cyber defense by helping secure more than 15,000 clients around the world.

“We are at the heart of everyday life – always on, always seeking to keep society safe and secure,” Harley said. “I am very lucky I get to work with a really amazing community, and with these established channels, we’re able to make sure everyone gets to know about the amazing work they do.”

The Wire helps them highlight their super cyber powers as colleagues share information and insights from The Wire platform. That’s especially helpful as insidious cyber scams have become more prevalent. For example, NCC Group used Dynamic Signal at the heart of a recent campaign to launch free, healthcare-relevant, cyber-threat intelligence to hospitals. Colleagues can help spread the word globally, so the company could reach beyond its regular networks.

Harley said that “as the Western world went on lockdown,” Dynamic Signal has helped the company shows its expertise.

For instance, NCC Group’s Speaker Club is a global network of experts around the business who regularly contribute content as well as doing media interviews and appearing at industry-related events. The Wire makes it easy to quickly provide vital information such as staying safe with remote technology, mobilizing a dispersed workforce, and maintaining operational resilience. They either discuss new product offerings, demonstrate confidence, or are just helpful. (An external location for viewing NCC Group’s rich content is in this newsroom.)

“We’re starting to see a real impact now as people share our content far and wide,” Harley said. “From our data points, there’s a direct correlation between the number of shares by our colleagues and the number of hits on our external website.”

It also takes only one click from The Wire to share a piece of content with their social media networks.

“It’s set up to be so easy,” Harley said. “We have automatic feeds from our external newsroom and our research blog platform into The Wire. So, it allows us to focus on the content rather than the process. It’s wonderful. I’ve been in the communications game for a long, long time, and I do not know how I ever managed without it.”

Success with The Wire, she added, means a more connected company.

“Especially now.”

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