Managing Employee Communication in a Time of Crisis

Are you sick of the word unprecedented yet?

How about unsettling? Troubling? Unimaginable? Stressful? Turbulent? Challenging? Difficult?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many of us thumbing through the thesaurus – both the digital and the old-fashioned print kind – as we scramble for different ways to describe this crazy moment in time.

We’re running out of descriptive words.

The pandemic has turned everything upside down. (Oh, and there’s another overused phrase.) Everything about this crisis is strange. That includes how we talk about it. And you know what else has entered a brave new world?

The way we communicate.

Engaging every employee has never been easy for organizations. That’s especially the case for large, global companies. But now? With shelter-in-place orders forcing so many people to work remotely, workforces have become more dispersed than ever. Traditional methods of face-to-face huddles, on-site digital signage, posters, and printed newsletters no longer are options.

It’s a struggle to cut through all the noise coming at employees to reach them with the information that’s truly important.

Yet it also has never been more essential to reach them.

Managing Employee Communication In A Time Of Crisis eBook


Our latest eBook, Managing Employee Communication in a Time of Crisis, takes a closer look at how organizations can solve this vexing problem. It explores how you can ensure that everyone feels more informed, more connected, and has all the resources needed to perform their jobs. Even during this pandemic. It means using digital technology to create a strong line of communication between the company and all employees.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Employee Communication and Engagement platforms were always needed, but now they’re even more critical to maintain business continuity
  • What the latest research says about the importance of clear, transparent, and accurate communication on company success and culture
  • How Dynamic Signal platform features help in a crisis, like our first-of-its-kind DySiL integration platform, Reach Metrics to measure engagement, and our ground-breaking DySi Turbo automation engine to fine-tune the employee experience

As a bonus, we have a Top 10 list of real-world examples showing how Dynamic Signal is making a difference for our customers right now.

The pandemic is revealing the crucial role of communication during a crisis. But it’s also doing something more. It’s proving that how companies connect with employees is directly tied to business success – now and in the future.

This eBook is worth a few minutes of your time.

And, yes, you may see unprecedented once or twice. Sorry, we couldn’t avoid it.

Download your free version of Managing Employee Communication in a Time of Crisis here.

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