How Customers Depend on Dynamic Signal During the Pandemic

It’s a simple idea.  

Good things happen when people communicate. That’s true in every aspect of life. In the workplace, the result is happier and more productive employees. They’re genuinely invested in the success of their organizations. 

The Dynamic Signal platform makes that a reality. And that kind of connection is more important than ever during the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Jim LarrisonThe pandemic has revealed the crucial role of communication in the workplace,” writes Dynamic Signal Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder Jim Larrison in our new COVID-19 Pulse Report. “… What businesses once saw as important now has become critical.”  

We have hard data to show how organizations are relying on Dynamic Signal to help them navigate the crisis.  

Larrison recently conducted an analysis of platform usage among our 300 global customers during the pandemic struck. He discovered a massive shift in how companies trust Dynamic Signal to communicate with their workforces as the world went in lockdown. For instance, there has been a 4x boost in the number of employees on the platform. 

Here are some other data points:  

  • 294 percent increase in video posts 
  • 229 percent increase in broadcasts 
  • 211 percent increase in post views 
  • 62 percent increase in social media reach 
  • 51 percent increase in external sharing of company content 

Organizations understand the integral role the platform plays in keeping employees informed, feeling valued, and empowered to be their best. 

Two trends are driving the exploding growth, Larrison wrote  

  1. Employees are hungry for trusted information. They’re craving direction, guidance, and reassurance at a time filled with uncertainty. They also expect it on modern, consumer-grade technology. 
  2. Leaders need to cut through the noise in the lives of employeesThey see the platform as instrumental in providing accurate, timely information to everyone – no matter where they are – that drives their businesses forward. 

 The Pulse Report explores five specific areas that Dynamic Signal helps companies and employees during this crisis. 

  • Source of TruthOrganizations need one central place to connect employees to accurate, trusted, and relevant information. 
  • Video is King. Companies are depending on video in ways that include telling the heroic stories of frontline workers and CEOs recording “selfie” videos from their homes to deliver essential messages to the workforce. 
  • Sharing the Company Story. Businesses are mobilizing their most passionate ambassadors – employees – to amplify their brand stories through sharing approved content with their social media networks. 
  • Blending of Communication and Advocacy Programs. Customers are seeing the hand-in-hand benefits of how great communication inspires employees to use that information to become advocates for their organizations.
  • Change Management. With so much happening, almost hour-by-hour, organizations are using the platform to keep employees informed about changes to policies, procedures, and guidelines that help them do their jobs and stay safe. 

The Dynamic Signal COVID-19 Pulse ReportThe pandemic will end. But as Larrison notes, many changes we see in organizations will not be temporary. Workforces will be more dispersed. People will need to feel connected. Executives will want to have a direct line to their employeesEmployees will want to share brand stories. 

At the heart of all of that? 


Download your free version of The Dynamic Signal COVID-19 Pulse ReportHow the Pandemic Has Accelerated Digital Transformation.”  

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