What Customers Say about Dynamic Signal During COVID-19

The numbers in The Dynamic Signal COVID-19 Pulse Report speak for themselves.

Our customers depend on the platform during the crisis more than ever to stay engaged and connected with their employees. It’s also enabling people to tell positive stories about their organizations.

Chief Customer Officer and Co-Founder Jim Larrison conducted a statistical analysis of the platform in the early weeks of the pandemic – as the world went into lockdown. He found that usage exploded.

Some data points include:

  • 229 percent increase in broadcasts to employees
  • 211 percent increase in post views
  • 51 percent increase in external sharing of company content

The combination of two factors has made the platform invaluable in this challenging time. Organizations have a new urgency to reach their entire workforces with essential information. Also, employees are hungry for trusted news.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Listen to what some of our customers are saying.

“Dynamic Signal has been an amazing tool for us, and an absolute lifesaver during recent times.” – Kelly DiPalma, Manager, Corporate Communications, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

“The Dynamic Signal technology is enabling us to seamlessly scale content sharing from hundreds of employees to more than 30,000 in only days, all with a measurable ROI and feedback.” – Ginny Buckingham, Vice President, Activation, Pfizer

“Our associates are able to stay engaged and updated in a way we never could have imagined, and it would not have been possible without Dynamic Signal.” – Colleen Labik, Senior Supervisor of Internal Communications, Recognition & Engagement, Wawa

“Now, with everyone away from the office and working remotely, Dynamic Signal really has come into its own as people see how they can use it to stay connected.” – Yvonne Harley, Group Head of Communications, NCC Group

The Dynamic Signal COVID-19 Pulse Report

“The Dynamic Signal platform has positively and dramatically changed the way CNSI communicates with its employees. The tool has become even more invaluable for our coronavirus communication.” – Amanda Moskowitz, Marketing Communications Manager, CNSI

“Dynamic Signal is a solution to reach every employee, no matter where they are, and keep them informed.” – Liz Caselli-Mechael, Digital Corporate Communications Lead, Nestlé USA

The pulse report also looks at five trends why companies and employees are relying on Dynamic Signal. Here’s your chance to learn why our customers say we’re instrumental in maintaining business continuity.

Now and going forward. 

Download your free version of The Dynamic Signal COVID-19 Pulse ReportHow the Pandemic Has Accelerated Digital Transformation.”  

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