Amplify Your Communication Strategy Through Every Digital Touchpoint

Employee communication has become a key strategic function. The digital workplace is dictating a new reality in which reaching every employee— from frontline to knowledge workers — is a critical initiative. In a world where distributed workforces are the norm, effectively disseminating information becomes the key to connecting employees, enabling productivity, and driving engagement.

If this last year has made anything clear, it’s that delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time is not just a company perk — it’s a necessary and powerful strategy that has significant human impact. From ensuring safety to maintaining operational excellence, employees feel more engaged when they are included in important company information. That’s why, when building an employee communication plan, companies must identify all channels employees use and find ways to deliver content to every preferred content outlet.

The Dynamic Signal platform enables companies to safely and easily distribute content to every user, no matter their portal of choice: intranet, extranet, CRM systems, or digital signage. With enterprise-grade segmentation capabilities, administrators create a personalized experience to drive engagement, while simultaneously pushing critical information to the top of every newsfeed or digital bulletin board. Because meeting employees where they are includes workers who don’t sit in front of screens all day. Whether it is a welcome board for employees entering a lobby or critical updates in the breakroom, displaying information on digital signage helps expand reach.

“We launched Dynamic Signal in early October and the platform has been critical to the success of our communications, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. Not all of our employees have access to a corporate laptop or mobile phone, so with the increase in remote work, Dynamic Signal has made it possible for us to keep all of our employees connected to the organization, and to each other. The real-time information has kept our teams up-to-date, safe, and reassured. 

In addition to the reach and success of our communications, our employees are more engaged than ever. Our teams share photos, tag each other in comments, and love the videos we’re able to upload quickly and easily. Dynamic Signal has been an amazing tool for us, and an absolute lifesaver during recent times.” ~ Kelly DiPalma, Corporate Comms at Beth Page Federal Credit Union

A true communication engagement engine is the backbone of a winning employee experience. Connected employees are committed employees who represent and amplify their company’s mission authentically in the market. Dynamic Signal is building the platform that allows brands to ensure no employee will get lost in the noise.

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Tal Waters

Tal leads the product marketing team at Dynamic Signal. She specializes in product positioning and storytelling, with a proven track record in helping companies authentically connect with the people that their products serve.