Owning 2021 - How to Perform a Comms Audit

Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Comms Strategy

A comms audit can be the key to unlocking the best in your people and your teams. While it may feel daunting, the hard work of learning where to prioritize, rebuilding content plans, and aligning with stakeholders’ company-wide will pay off in the form of higher engagement and a more tightly connected workforce of empowered brand advocates.  

With the growing need for a thriving digital workplace, it is becoming more and more apparent that reaching employees with information takes more than sending out regular newsletters. In fact, communication is the foundation upon which companies can keep people productive, connected, and engaged — the foundation of the digital workplace. 

To that end, it is critical to think of communication as a hygiene — a practice. This practice means an ongoing effort of executive alignment, content and channel strategy, measuring results, and iterating to evolve and improve over time.  

Download our ebook and learn how to execute a DIY audit in a way that sets communication up to be the key driver of a thriving culture. 

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