Dynamic Signal Named Top Choice for Employee Communications

This week, Clearbox Consulting released their comprehensive 2021 report on Employee Communications solutions. The report is designed to serve as a guide for employee communication apps and reviews over a dozen solutions. After conducting interviews and in-depth demos with each provider, we’re excited to announce that Dynamic Signal — the platform designed for personalized communications at scale — was named app of choice in North America.

“Internal communicators will be very happy with the tools and features on offer from Dynamic Signal, with excellent targeting and methods to reach audiences.” – Clearbox Consulting

Dynamic Signal stood out with a rich set of capabilities designed for helping complex organizations reach a distributed workforce. With a toolbox of administrative permissioning flexibility, robust audience targeting, diverse channel integrations, and in-depth engagement analytics, companies are able to include, connect, and engage their frontline workers, no matter where they are.

In their review, Clearbox noted several areas that help deliver on the mission of helping companies cultivate an engaging employee experience on the foundation of personalized communication.

Company Communications

A key highlight of the platform is the balance between simplicity and complexity — easy for members to engage, but robust enough for communicators to have the tools they need to get personalized communications to every employee. With customizable targets, smart groups, and organizational broadcasting features, administrators can segment with utmost precision — often to the resolution of a specific factory floor or hospital wing.

“It is the audience targeting and different routes for getting posts to users that makes Dynamic Signal stand out.” – Clearbox Consulting

User Experience

Part of a great user experience is ensuring that members can easily activate and locate the most important information to them. For many workers this means providing a better way to see their shift schedules, payslips, benefits, and company news. Delivering content to where the employee is can transform communications and how employees engage.

“Dynamic Signal includes displays of shift schedules and payslips that add an appealing layer of practicality. Precise audience targeting and integrations with a variety of communication channels, such as digital signage and SharePoint, will really appeal to businesses.” – Clearbox Consulting

Integrations and Employee Services

Modern communication platforms ideally connect to other employee tools and platforms that surface information and make it consumable wherever employees work. Dynamic Signal supports a variety of integrations, including SharePoint and MS Teams. These integration capabilities are key not only to reach a dispersed, deskless workforce, but to extend intranet efforts and increase usage.

“There are a variety of integrations into and out of Dynamic Signal. ‘Content sync’ brings content such as SharePoint news stories into Dynamic Signal, which can either be automatically posted or require approval. ‘Touchpoints’ allows content to be posted in other systems, such as Slack or MS Teams channels.” – Clearbox Consulting


Integral to any communication strategy is the ability to monitor trends across posts and campaigns. Segmented data is critical for large enterprises that want to personalize communications and optimize engagement across hundreds of thousands of employees.

“The approach to analytics is good, with data displayed in a variety of formats and covering information about platform usage, as well as user interactions with different features. … We liked that each individual post and broadcast has its own statistics showing engagements and hit rates, which is given as an overview as well as by user.” – Clearbox Consulting

The Enterprise-Grade Solution

How can enterprises personalize campaigns and content when they are trying to reach hundreds of thousands of employees? This requires a holistic approach to communication strategy that starts with an enterprise-grade platform that allows you to reach every employee with the right message at the right time.

We think Clearbox wraps it up quite nicely on what enterprise communicators need.

“From a communications perspective the needs of enterprise and complex businesses are well supported by Dynamic Signal…. Firstly, integrations with communication channels such as SharePoint will allow larger businesses to make good use of their digital workplace landscape… Secondly, audience targeting features are dynamic…. Thirdly, admins can create workflows for automating social sharing and member engagement.” – Clearbox Consulting

We’re looking forward to sharing more developments with you as we continue to build for the new employee experience.

You can learn more by visiting Clearbox Consulting and download your own copy of the Employee Apps report.

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Tal Waters

Tal leads the product marketing team at Dynamic Signal. She specializes in product positioning and storytelling, with a proven track record in helping companies authentically connect with the people that their products serve.