The Power of Your Employees’ Authentic Voice

By now, you know the untapped potential of your employees as your advocates. You know that people (not brands) are the most trusted source on social media, with Nielsen finding that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from acquaintances more than any other form of advertising. And you probably even know that employee advocacy drives higher returns through earned media value, with employee social media posts generating 8 times more engagement than posts from the employer, and increasing brand awareness by 14 times.

Based on this knowledge, maybe you’ve even launched a structured, formal employee advocacy program. You’ve made it easy for your workforce to find, select and share approved, curated content, to position themselves as thought leaders, expand their presence in their social networks, and support your own social media objectives.

But does it feel like something is missing? Like your team of ambassadors is simply taking the content you’re providing and pushing it out without adding their own, special twist? If so, you’re missing out on more than just the opportunity to help your employees do better – you’re missing out on significantly improved engagement and additional reach.

Authenticity: The Secret Sauce

As part of the Strategic and Operational Services provided by the Expert Services team at Dynamic Signal, we’re constantly monitoring program performance to identify opportunities for improvement. Recent analysis of a customer’s platform revealed some fascinating results. To provide variety and option, the communications team offered three suggested share text choices for each post – one written in a formal, traditionally corporate style, one in a more informal tone, and one that was purely conversational. Initial analysis was completed to determine if any of the three approaches performed better based on external engagement.

The baseline findings revealed that the majority of members chose to use the traditional tone, indicating a greater comfort level among employees with the “safe” option. Performance, based on average clicks, average click-through rates, and average total reactions, was largely similar across the categories, with the greatest distinction in reactions to “traditional” share text.

The results got really interesting, though, when we dug deeper and reviewed engagement when share text was customized.

While fewer employees took the opportunity to customize, even mildly altered share text far out-performed other options, generating 4.5 times average clicks, 3.5 times average CTR and 1. 5 times average total reactions.

The Power of Your Employees’ Authentic Voice

What does this mean for you and your advocates?

Invest time in training, empowering and encouraging the customization of share text in your employee advocacy program. Consider providing rewards and recognition for ambassadors who go above and beyond in creating compelling share text. Highlight and showcase posts where employees have done an excellent job to inspire others.

Here’s how to make it happen

Level up your program by providing tips and guidelines on how and why it’s worth a little extra time and effort to create customized share text. Don’t miss this related Dynamic Signal blog post: 7 Ideas to Help Advocates Spark Stand-Out Share Text.


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