Booz Allen Hamilton Strengthens Connections With Global Workforce

Dynamic Signal affords us an ability to have everybody be connected in a way they have not been before.

Grant McLaughlin - VP of Corporate Affairs


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Company Size

24,600 employees

Booz Allen Hamilton, the U.S.-based management and technology consulting firm, has more than 100 years of success in helping businesses and works primarily with clients in the defense and intelligence industries. Booz Allen has nearly 25,000 employees around the world, and about 75 percent of them don’t work in a company location because they are embedded with their clients. In fact, these employees often don’t have access to company tools and resources. They also rarely check their corporate email. Historically, it has been difficult for the firm to consistently share important information with employees to help make them successful.

But the communication dilemma had even more profound implications. Over time, maintaining close ties with employees had proven to be nearly impossible. In the description of Grant McLaughlin, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, the dispersed workforce had become a “lost tribe.” This is because employees understandably felt a tighter bond with clients – the people they worked with every day – than they did the home office.

Leadership realized that improving communication and engagement with employees was the key to aligning everyone around the shared corporate mission.


Booz Allen needed an easy-to-use technology solution that could finally give executives and managers a direct connection to dispersed employees while also meeting the needs of internal employees. This required an innovative, best-of-both-worlds solution.

The key was identifying a mobile communication platform that would deliver relevant information directly to the mobile devices of employees – wherever they are. It also would need to give employees greater access to other behind-the-firewall tools provided by the company. Booz Allen wanted a single resource that provided all the information employees needed to shine with clients right at their fingertips.

Finally, the firm wanted to give employees the ability to become ambassadors for the brand. This would mean making them feel more comfortable and confident about sharing news that described the great work the company was doing on behalf of clients.

Key Communication Challenges

  • ! Disconnected employees wanted stronger bonds with the company, leaders, and colleagues
  • ! CEO wanted to “crowdsource” the company success story
  • ! Guidelines and sensitivity around client work had discouraged employees from discussing company on social media
  • ! Inability to accurately measure the impact of company communication
The secret to our success: Showing employees how this platform makes them smarter, more connected, and ultimately, better ambassadors. The platform has helped us strengthen the connection and affiliation our employees feel with the organization – all on their personal devices.
Grant McLaughlin, Vice President, Corporate Affairs


Booz Allen now engages a workforce that previously had been disconnected by using the Dynamic Signal Platform. Employees can access critical company information with their mobile devices. With the platform’s integration with Workday, the firm also can segment employees by role, team, and location to ensure that they only receive relevant, personalized information that is specifically targeted for them. Platform metrics allow Booz Allen to accurately measure the level of employee engagement. Finally, Dynamic Signal enables the communication team to deliver a weekly newsletter that packages the most important and interesting content to employees in a digestible format.

The company discovered that the workforce had been hungering for this kind of closer connection with the home office. Within 18 months, 41 percent of employees had registered for the platform. The goal now is to enroll 50 percent of the company within the next year.

Booz Allen also has a strong belief that access to information leads to employee engagement – which in turn can result in employee advocacy. Previously, the company had discouraged employees from participating on social media due to their sensitive work with the military and intelligence clients. This change of philosophy was made considerably easier by safeguards designed into the Dynamic Signal platform. Only approved company content can be shared. This way, employees can confidently establish their personal brands on social media as industry thought-leaders and proud advocates of Booz Allen as they distribute on-brand content.

How Dynamic Signal Helped

  • Gave employees greater access to information to help them do their jobs better
  • Strengthened the bond between Booz Allen and employees
  • Enabled the company to track who is connecting with content and measure the impact
  • Empowered employees to be more knowledgeable advocates of Booz Allen on social media


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