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This nonprofit healthcare system has employees spread across different departments and locations. They work in a network of hospitals and community-based health centers as well as in research and medical education, a health plan, and a foundation. Because of its extended reach, the organization has struggled in the past to connect with its staff in a way that is both engaging and effective. The company needed to bring a fresh approach to its communication strategy – putting an emphasis on relevancy, timing, and availability via a mobile platform.

Modernizing Communication

Before implementing a modern, streamline communication platform, the organization had no effective way to connect with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who are constantly moving and rarely sitting behind a desk. They often relied on email communications. But that didn’t provide the level of insight they needed to ensure employees were getting their messages. The communication team simply wasn’t able to accurately gauge the effectiveness of its outreach involving company news and important announcements. Also, it was impossible for executives to reach their staff directly, either broadly or on a targeted level.

Biggest Communication Challenges

  • ! No effective way to communicate with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff
  • ! Lacked the ability to track and measure internal communication
  • ! Inability to gauge activity and engagement
  • ! Unable to highlight employee success stories
  • ! Executives lacked an effective way to directly reach staff
80 percent of the global workforce performs physical work each day that doesn't involve sitting at a desk.

Modernized Communication For Dispersed Workers

The Dynamic Signal Employee Communication and Engagement Platform enabled this healthcare organization to deliver timely, relevant company news and announcements directly to the mobile devices of workers. This empowered their communication team to more quickly and easily connect with the entire workforce – always reaching the right employee at the right time. With the Dynamic Signal Platform, the organization was able to create a single destination where employees could access all important information as well as fun content about their colleagues. Employees with no corporate email address finally had access to company news and content to help them be more productive. With the ability to measure engagement, the company can gauge what content is most effective and adjust its communication strategy. This has made it possible for executives to speak directly to employees in a more engaging, authentic way.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Modern communication strategy optimized for mobile
  • Single location for employees to receive information
  • Enabled employees with no corporate email address to gain access to content
  • Provided metrics to show impact of communications strategy
  • Executives can communicate directly to employees in a more engaging way
Between 75 to100 million workers in the U.S. do not have a company email address. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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