Reach Dispersed Employees through a Mobile-Optimized Platform

The Remote Employee Challenge

There no longer is any definable "workplace." Gallup has found that 43 percent of employees now work remotely. These workers often don't have corporate email addresses or access to company information – creating a divide between them and the organization.

Disconnected Workforce
Inconsistent Engagement
Lack of Compliance

Better Informed

Platform designed for the mobile experience enables organizations to deliver relevant, timely content directly to their employees – ensuring they always stay informed and up-to-date with company news.

Targeted Content

The Dynamic Signal platform enables organizations to reach their employees with the right content, at the right time, wherever they are – on their mobile device.

Compliance Friendly

Leverage features that control the participation of employees, such as hourly workers, to meet any compliance standards.

Close the employee communication gap with the Dynamic Signal platform. Reach everyone in your dispersed workforce.

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