Dynamic Signal, Easy and Safe Social Sharing

Organically gain consumer and client trust through tapping into your most valuable resource - your employees - by giving them a safe and easy way to share your company story on social.

The voices of your employees matter now more than ever. Brand trust is at an all-time low, and consumers are 3x more likely to trust an employee than a company CEO. At Dynamic Signal, we help companies strengthen their brand by cultivating a workforce of thought leaders and brand ambassadors by enabling employees to amplify approved content to their personal professional networks. Companies who use Dynamic Signal see:

  • 106% Increase in Reach of Social Media Campaigns
  • 39% Increase in Company / Brand Awareness
  • 12% Increase in Company Ratings

The Dynamic Signal Employee Communication Platform ensures that all employees are being communicated with on the devices and channels they prefer while simultaneously giving them the option to externally share your company’s story on social. We understand every company is unique so Dynamic Signal is adaptable and scalable to your workforce’s needs and existing infrastructure, making communication easier than ever. Empower your workforce with the most trusted and established employee engagement platform used by over 30% of the Fortune 100.