Employee Advocacy Built for Growth

The Employee Advocacy Challenge

Your employees should be a crucial component of any marketing strategy to build brand awareness and increase growth. Organizations are missing out on a major opportunity if they don't leverage employees as an authentic voice to extend the reach of the brand.

Lack of Social Reach
Increased Marketing Spend
Poor Brand Authenticity

Leverage Employee Network

The Dynamic Signal platform enables employees to share approved company content on their social media networks – amplifying the organization's marketing efforts with messages that people trust.

Drive Down Costs

Let your employees do the talking for you. The Dynamic Signal platform boosts the impacts of your social media strategy when you leverage your best brand advocates – your employees

Increase Authenticity

Connect with your community and prospects on a one-to-one level through the voices of your employees.

Increase employee advocacy and brand awareness with Dynamic Signal’s Employee Communication and Engagement Platform.

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