Dynamic Signal: Empower Authentic Employee Storytelling on Social

Build an authentic voice for your brand through your most powerful storytellers: your employees. Outperform paid social campaigns, build trust, and track results.

Dynamic Signal customers, including Nestlé Purina and Salesforce, have noticed:

49% of people believe a company’s employees rank higher in public trust than an organization’s PR department, CEO or founder
106% increase in overall brand reach when messaging is shared by employees vs. corporate social channels
76% more clicks and 45% more reach on posts shared by employees than the same posts shared from the brand’s official social channels

As the original innovator in the employee advocacy space, Dynamic Signal is committed to building your employer brand from the inside-out while cultivating an engaged workforce of brand ambassadors and thought leaders. When employees feel connected to and passionate about their company, they are empowered to share their company’s story and vision to both their social and personal networks.

Trusted by leading companies, the Dynamic Signal platform enables you to build an authentic voice for your brand and extend the organic reach of your marketing content through safe and easy social sharing capabilities. An employee advocacy program allows you to amplify your social media presence, outperforming paid social media campaigns and driving earned media value from those most connected to the brand, your brand champions.