May239:00 am (CST)

Brand Innovators Marketing to Women

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Women control 80 percent of household spending, which by some estimates represents upwards of $10 trillion in the U.S. alone. The real question that keeps us all up at night, however, is how do we connect in meaningful ways with the women who can buy from our brand? Fortunately, for brand marketers — despite today’s diverse marketplace and complex economy — we are the benefactors of endless media and technology options to define, identify, reach, and target women no matter where they are in the physical or online world. The most successful brand marketers today are embracing all of new tools and emerging technologies available to them — including social media, mobile, content marketing, digital video advertising, marketing automation, and data and analytics — to engage with and build long term relationships with female consumers that will trickle down to families of loyal users. At Brand Innovators Marketing to Women you will learn about the best practices and winning tactics used by the foremost marketing and media professionals in the business, for reaching the most important and influential group consumers in America —women.