July279:00 am (EST)

Brand Innovators Publishers Summit

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The Summit

The Internet and the evolution of electronic media has fundamentally and forever changed the publishing industry. At the same time, new platforms, formats and devices, including smart phones, tablets, and connected TV, have radically changed consumer behavior and how and when we consume media and entertainment. And, brands are scrambling to keep up with the digital transformation of the marketing and media industries.

Brand Innovators Future of Publishing & Monetization will look at how publishers are adapting and re-inventing themselves in the digital era, and using technology to monetize their content, across all screens. From native advertising and video, to programmatic and addressable advertising, we will look at the hottest trends in publishing. We will also examine how brands are capitalizing on the digital media revolution to reach their consumers more efficiently and effectively than ever, as well as measure their success online overall with sophisticated attribution models.

We look forward to seeing you at Brand Innovators Future of Publishing & Monetization at Spotify in New York, Wednesday, July 27!