May1110:00 am (PST)

Connecting to Care: Enhancing Communication Strength at Reliant Rehabilitation

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What would it mean to create a sense of belonging and purpose among your employees – all employees – even those in hard-to-reach pockets of the organization and those working in remote areas?

That was the challenge facing Reliant Rehabilitation last year in reaching nearly 9,000 therapists across the US, many of whom work in rural areas and were feeling especially isolated during Covid. They turned to Dynamic Signal to launch an employee communication and engagement platform quickly, making it easy for therapists to connect to one another and to critical information via mobile. Within days – not weeks – this “team of one” managed to activate hundreds of therapists and company leaders, inspiring them to share stories, photos, encouragement and work tips, putting new energy and purpose behind the company philosophy that “Care Matters.”

They’ll discuss:

  • How even a small team, with big spirit and the help of employee-generated content, can inspire a sense of purpose and belonging
  • Why a targeted, employee-centric communication strategy is essential, especially when team members can’t be together
  • Why communication and modernizing the employee experience is about much more than technology

Hope you can join us!