September2110:00 am (PST)

The Future of Workforce Communications

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It’s no secret that technology has changed the way we communicate in our everyday lives. Now, that evolution is directly shaping workforce communication.

While marketing teams have been benefiting from the advances of new technology for years, communications technology has been stuck at intranets and email. But not any longer.

In this virtual fireside chat, Michael Brito, Head of US Digital, LEWIS Global Communications, will be joining Robyn Hannah, Senior Director, Global Communications at Dynamic Signal, to discuss the future of workforce communication and how CommsTech is finally catching up. Michael is a digital strategist, author, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor with over 15 years experience helping organizations solve marketing and communications challenges.

If companies want to keep their employees engaged, understanding how workforce communication and productivity go hand-in-hand is critical. Organizations must set up scalable infrastructure so that employees are informed and empowered to be more productive and amplify the brand message. However, this becomes more difficult as more and more companies are moving to a remote and distributed workforce. Coordinating among multiple roles, languages, and locations is increasingly important.