November2010:00 am (GMT)

How Employees Super-Charge Marketing Efforts at Ericsson

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Gustav Bergvall has discovered an untapped channel to not only achieve his marketing KPIs, but also exceed them – employees.

As Social Media Manager at Ericsson, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with more than 95,000 employees, Bergvall is responsible for running the company’s global employee advocacy program, #TeamEricsson. The program provides employees with the latest company stories so they can easily share on-brand content with their social media networks. #TeamEricsson is so successful that it sometimes even outperforms all other social and digital campaigns by driving the highest number of visits and downloads from the company’s website.

Join us on Thursday, 20 November at 10h00 GMT to learn how Bergvall surpasses his company’s KPIs by prioritizing Ericsson’s most valuable asset – their people.

During the webinar you’ll come away with insights on how Bergvall:

  • Ties employee advocacy to marketing ROI
  • Puts employees at the center of Ericsson marketing goals
  • Engages executives on social media to build their personal brands and leverage their networks


Gustav Bergvall

Social Media Manager