July298:00 am (PST)

How Wawa Drives Employee Loyalty Through Communications

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The perfect hoagie and freshly brewed coffee might be mainstays at Wawa, but it’s the dedicated employees who make customers feel at home at every branch. With 35,000 Associates and more than 900 locations in six states, Wawa is still described as a local family, mom-and-pop shop convenience chain.

What makes Wawa such a beloved everyday destination? And why do Associates choose to stay on, sometimes for decades?

On Thursday, July 29, join Caitlyn McCarthy, Internal Communications Lead for Wawa, as she shares her best practices on building a sense of community across 35,000 employees.

  • Align comms with your company’s Core Values to create a sense of belonging for every single employee, no matter where they are, no matter who they are.
  • Bring these values to life, every day, every way, through a mobile-first platform.
  • Drive exceptional customer experiences with highly engaged employees.