October611:00 am (PST)

Lessons in Resilience: How Healthcare Treats Communication in the New Reality

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The role of communications throughout the pandemic has never been more critical, especially in healthcare, as healthcare communicators have had to rapidly adjust to the skyrocketing levels of information and support needed throughout the day.

Hear how Hawai’i Pacific Health and Dental Associates have been navigating through these challenges and keeping employees safe, informed, and motivated throughout the pandemic. They discuss:

  • The impact COVID–19 has had on their business and their role as communicators
  • The growing importance of employee wellness and open dialogue
  • Keeping the culture alive by finding joy in the workplace


Erin Donegan

Content and Engagement Manager

Dental Associates

Keala Aki

Internal Communications Manager

Hawai'i Pacific Health

Raquel Hicks

Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Hawai'i Pacific Health