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Making the Case for Employee Advocacy at Your Firm

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In the age of Employee Advocacy, your brand can be as powerful as your workforce is enthusiastic. Don’t assume all you need is numbers when it comes to organizing employees. If your workforce is motivated, engaged, and socially equipped, you can pull off an appropriate and successful Employee Advocacy program. In fact, if your organization is mid-sized and doesn’t have at its disposal the marketing tools larger outfits might have, internal brand advocates are often the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool in your arsenal. And while you might not be able to dedicate an entire team to implementing a program, you can slowly but surely assemble your core of informed, active, and proud employee advocates. A great Employee Advocacy program knows no size boundaries.

In this webinar, join our panelists as they discuss:

  • Why Employee Advocacy is word-of-mouth marketing at its best, and can give your brand an edge in the noisy marketplace;
  • How to identify the most motivated and engaged employees and activate their personal drive on behalf of your organization;
  • A content strategy that combines company and employee content for an authentic and relevant mix;
  • And how to use Employee Advocacy to amplify your brand beyond the limits of its size.

Featured Speakers

Jason Spencer, Social Media Community Manager, Humana
Jason Spencer is a social media community manager at Humana, a Fortune 100 company in Louisville, KY. He leads Humana’s employee advocacy program and its social customer care strategy. Understanding consumers and social trends, Jason leads employees to advocate for Humana, drive brand lift and increase positive brand sentiment. Connect with Jason on Twitter @JasonWSpencer.