May2810:00 am (PST)

Meeting the Challenge with Dynamic Signal Spring ‘20 Platform Updates

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The challenges confronting you in the months ahead have begun to take shape. The bar has been raised. You will manage complex changes as you keep your workforce informed, safe, and inspired through a challenging time. It will require designing new forms of digital culture and ways of connecting with everyone as we all adapt to the digital workplace. 


How will you do it all when you are stretched so thin? 


This spring, Dynamic Signal’s platform places powerful new tools in your hands at precisely the moment they’re most urgently needed. Join us to learn how we are:  


  • Reimagining the Experience for Everyone 
  • Turbocharging organizations with greater automation  
  • Unifying employee experiences through integration 


Rob Brosnan

Head of Product Marketing

Dynamic Signal

Michael Rao

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Dynamic Signal