May15 (MST)

PRSA Connect 19: Heat Up Your Employee Communications (Phoenix)

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Join hundreds of passionate internal communicators this May for the 2019 PRSA Employee Communications Section Conference. Connect 19 is where you’ll discover the hottest trends, effective tactics and proven strategies in internal communications.

During this three-day program, you’ll hear inspiring ideas for keeping your employee audience informed, engaged and entertained. Discover techniques for supporting your organization’s internal communications objectives, along with the latest in communication technology. Throughout the conference you’ll have opportunities to connect with peers and industry leaders, discussing ideas that can tackle any challenge internal communicators face.

Don’t miss Dynamic Signal & Mercer take the stage on May 16th at 2:15PM to hear their inspiring talk on “Supercharging Your Squad – How Tapping into Employee Authenticity Put Mercer at the Center of the World (…Economic Forum).”


Becky Graebe

Senior Director, Communication Expert

Dynamic Signal, Inc.

Danielle Guzman

Global Head of Social Media & Distributed Content