May1910:00 am (ET)

Ragan’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Conference

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At a time of heightened awareness of social belonging and justice within organizations of all sizes, communicators are at a seminal moment: to play an active role or stand on the sidelines. If it’s the latter, this conference is not for you. If, however, you want to strengthen your organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion goals and initiatives, join us on May 19th for this must-attend Ragan virtual conference.

Communicators are in a unique position to collaborate with other DEI leaders to foster unity, build a stronger internal and external brand reputation, maximize innovation and improve the bottom line. The days of brands comfortably remaining silent are gone as employees and customers are demanding impactful change.

Join us virtually on May 19 for Ragan’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference. This fast-paced one-day conference will equip you with all you need to achieve your DEI goals. You’ll learn timely strategies to educate, engage and uplift your employees and customers in the wake of unparalleled uncertainty, political upheaval and the social justice awakening. This is an interactive and engaging event you cannot afford to miss.