April2110:00 am (PST)

Social Employees: Your Secret PR Weapon


As the voice of the brand, employees can sway public opinion with their authentic, trusted point of view. Businesses continue to adapt to the quickly changing social environment, and there is little doubt that socially active employees exist within organizations. But how do companies partner with these types of employees, organize them behind a unified message, and scale a program?

The answer is to better utilize “the social employee.” They’re evolving – now, each one has their own brand, their own distribution channels, their own audience that’s ready to listen. Social employees are a brand’s secret PR weapon, driving reach, leads, and revenue.

Join author and thought leader Neal Schaffer, and Bart Casabona, Director of Social Media at Pitney Bowes, as they discuss the impact social employees are having on companies.

In this interactive webinar viewers will learn:

  • How companies are evolving with their employees socially, partnering with them to help them grow their personal brands and footprints
  • The best ways to train and onboard employees in an organized fashion
  • Tips and strategies on encouraging employees to participate and stay engaged
  • Why social employees are critical to a brand’s success/growth