Dynamic Signal transforms workforce communication. From content creation to distribution to analytics. Explore the core capabilities that help organizations drive their Employee Communication and Engagement efforts.

Content Personalization

The right message for every employee

Reduce communication noise for employees by delivering relevant content based on job function, location, department, or any other custom attribute. Give employees the option to subscribe to specific areas of interest. Auto-subscribe employees to important content categories. Engage your global workforce by communicating in their preferred languages.


Marketing Editor in San Bruno, CA

Assigned Content Categories

All Company News
Marketing Team Announcements
Branding Guidelines
HQ Office News
Company Press Feed

Other Content Interests

Career Development Tipss
Volunteering News Feed
HQ Office Culture Events
Industry News


Account Director in Chicago, IL

Assigned Content Categories

All Company News
Field Team Resources
Sales Materials
Chicago Office Events
Corporate Blog Feed

Other Content Interests

Career Development Tipss
Volunteering News Feed
Chicago Office Culture Events
Industry News


Tech Lead in Belfast Ireland

Assigned Content Categories

All Company News
Engineering Announcements
IT Support FAQs
Belfast Office Events
EMEA Team Resources

Other Content Interests

Career Development Tipss
Volunteering News Feed
Belfast Office Culture Events
Industry News


Reach your employees on the channels they use

Distribute information across any device and communication channel. Broadcast content via native app, email, push notifications, SMS, intranets, and collaboration tools like Slack, Yammer and Chatter. Request acknowledgments to confirm that urgent messages are received. Quickly re-broadcast to employees who missed the original message.

Social Sharing

Enable employees to be authentic brand advocates

Provide company-approved stories and news that employees can easily post to their social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Control the message with suggested share text, hashtags, @mentions, and disclosures. Extend the reach of your marketing campaigns while helping employees build their own brands.


Use data-driven insights to improve performance

Measure and analyze your program with real-time metrics. Complete visibility into adoption rates, participation, content views, reads, shares, clicks, social reactions, impressions, reach, and more. Monitor program performance with simple-to-use dashboards and graphical reports. Easily export data for further analysis.


Create and share video to captivate your workforce

Record in-app videos or upload content to show rather than tell. Deliver executive announcements, important news, and employee recognition that are authentic, resonate, and get the attention of busy employees.


Easily consolidate and personalize content

Create custom newsletters designed for mobile viewers. Highlight existing content and important company information that’s tailored for every employee. Use the drag-and-drop editor to build and rearrange mobile-friendly layouts. No HTML experience required.


Get the pulse of your workforce

Create and distribute mobile-friendly surveys or online polls to targeted groups. Design surveys combining different types of questions including multiple choice, ranking, rating, Net-Promoter Score, and open response. Make surveys or polls known or anonymous. Easily review results with graphical displays. Export responses for more analysis.


Make your content work for you

Leverage IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence to search the web for specific keywords to curate third-party content relevant to your community. SmartContent enables quality content sourcing at scale. Integrates with other content automation capabilities like Social and RSS feeds. Select a topic, whitelist and blacklist words, then review and approve content that’s automatically imported from across the web.


The right access for each manager

Set unique manager permissions and privileges to support the needs of large, complex organizations. Robust permission options ensure program managers have the proper access and control for their roles.


Connect with the systems you already use

Seamlessly integrate with your existing business tools and systems. Meet your organization’s unique needs with APIs that integrate with intranets, collaboration tools, and systems of records. Create and manage member profiles. Source content and employee information. Broadcast to third-party channels. All at enterprise scale.







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