The Capabilities You Need to Make Employee Communication and Advocacy Easy


Create, publish, and measure targeted communications with a single, easy-to-use platform on the web or mobile device. Distribute your message across any communication channel.

Create and Personalize

Keep content relevant to each employee through personalization and targeting.

  • Keep employees connected with targeted, localized news and information, wherever they are.

    Use category subscriptions and content-targeting based on pre-defined user attributes to tailor information for each employee.

    Give content managers the ability to publish content only to their groups and teams for hyper-relevant content. ​

  • Simplify content management by automatically curating third-party content across the web.

    Import owned content from a myriad of sources like social channels, RSS feeds, and company websites.

    Automatically approve, tag, target, and categorize everything for streamlined content creation.

  • Improve productivity and adoption of existing tools and resources by putting content, URLs, portals and more at your employees’ fingertips.

    Use target links and custom pages by roles and attributes across employees, simplifying access to only the information they need.​

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  • Deliver breaking news, exciting moments, and important announcements right to employees with engaging videos, image galleries, gifs, and audio files.

    Capture and upload videos and images, attach files, and create document repositories with just a few clicks.

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Distribute Anywhere​

Manage content in a centralized location to streamline efforts and make content delivery easy.

  • Notify employees regarding urgent or important announcements wherever they are with targeted, real-time, or automated notifications across any channel or device.

    Reach employees on their preferred channels across email, mobile push, in-app, SMS, and many business and collaboration tools.

    Request acknowledgements to ensure essential messages are received. ​

  • Deliver custom newsletters to drive readership highlighting important company news and content.

    Easily build newsletters where your company content already exists with configurable layouts and branding.

    Simplify your creation process and share to employees in one message over email, desktop, and mobile to limit notification overload. ​

  • Reach every employee by easily integrating with business and collaboration tools employees already use.

    Push and display content and important messages across: ​

    • SharePoint​
    • Microsoft Teams​
    • Workplace by Facebook​
    • Facebook Messenger​
    • Cisco Webex Teams​
    • Yammer​
    • Slack​
    • Salesforce Chatter
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Give every employee a voice with comments, likes, chat, and user-submitted content. Collect meaningful feedback with targeted surveys and polls.

Collect Feedback and Impact Culture​

Make gathering employee content and feedback easy, consistent, and measurable​.

  • Empower employees to contribute stories, photos, and videos through an easy-to-use content submission portal for company-wide involvement.

    Ensure content quality with the ability to review and approve submissions before publishing. ​

  • Create custom surveys or deliver in-feed polls to make regular pulse checks easy, instantly collect feedback, and give every employee a voice.

    Establish two-way communication to drive engagement and trust with employees.

    Review, extract, and share graphical results and data to make decisions quickly. ​

  • Easily empower collaboration and communication within one platform.

    Allow employees to comment and “like” content to establish a continuous dialogue on company happenings.

    Connect employees with each other by allowing them to send content and messages directly to one another without the need for email access or personal contact details. ​

  • Earn points on configurable leaderboards through engagements like sharing and submitting content.

    Create company-wide or team-based competitions.

    Drive adoption and engagement recognizing employees for their participation and success.

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Boost brand equity with one-touch employee social sharing and easily measure ROI. Increase the reach of favorable press and thought leadership.

Build Advocates​

Empower employees to share on-brand content with their social networks​.

  • Build brand advocates by empowering employees to share curated, approved company news and industry insights on their personal social channels across all major social networks:

    • Blogger
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Pages
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • WordPress
    • Xing

    Streamline sharing efforts by allowing content to be scheduled and posted to multiple channels at once. ​

  • Enable safe and easy sharing to social media with the right message.

    Safeguard your message with suggested share text options, automated disclosures, and block sharing of blacklisted words.

    Host training materials  and require acceptance of social media guidelines to meet compliance standards across highly regulated industries. ​

  • Demonstrate tangible ROI by measuring the impact of employee shares based on your organization’s average CPM, CPC, and value of reactions across every major social network.

    Easily build reports to highlight the value of reach and engagement created from employee shares.

    Segment by employee groups, divisions, and campaigns to compare against existing social media spending.

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Measure everything to demonstrate value and optimize your strategy with rich reporting and analytics.

Measure Value and Success​

Track program engagement, platform activity and usage, and demonstrate tangible ROI​.

  • Easily monitor at-a-glance community health stats, external sharing activities, internal engagements, and trending members and content.

    View in-depth reports across all segments of the community to quickly show program performance. ​

  • Track and measure success across every aspect of your program.

    Discover which employees and groups are engaging with news and content the most. Cater your content creation and delivery cadence and methods based on data and insights. ​

  • Segment and filter across all platform metrics to build detailed, customized reports.

    Export reports to sync with other internal systems and platforms for deeper analysis.

    Enable automatic emails to quickly see activity without viewing the administrator dashboard. ​

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Integrated, Branded Experiences Across Every Device

Mobile Apps

Give employees a familiar UI to many social applications and newsreaders with easy to use native iOS and Android applications.

Desktop App

Put Dynamic Signal on every employee machine with a branded desktop application.


Employees can access Dynamic Signal using any Internet browser they choose and on any kind of device.