Quick Links Give Employees Access to Information Fast!

Improve productivity and adoption of existing tools and resources

Quick Links improve accessibility by making content, URLs, and portals instantly available and easily viewable. Link to custom pages with content like company policies, document repositories, or create your own custom pages.

Configure for mobile app and desktop accessibility

Quick Links can be customized to meet your needs. Make them appear as icons above category lists in the desktop app and web browser, and above the newsfeed in the mobile app. Or make them appear in the sidebar menu in the mobile app, and in the page header or footer of the desktop app and web browser.

Give employees instant access to information that matters most

  • Time-sensitive information during a crisis
  • Employee benefit information and resources
  • Linking to company guidelines for answers to commonly asked questions
  • Provide employees easy way to check schedules and timecards
  • Give employees access to paystubs via any payroll service
  • Enable employees to request time off

Learn why more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100 use Dynamic Signal.

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