9 Checklists for Ensuring Successful Comms with Frontline Workers

When it’s time to reach the right employees with critical information, it’s too late to figure out how. 

Reaching, updating, and connecting with frontline workers to make them feel included and safe goes beyond COVID. While the shortcomings of many of our communication tools and strategies were exposed by the pandemic, they are not bound in time to the needs around COVID-19. Whether it’s a recognition announcement from leadership or critical safety updates, it is absolutely critical to reach everyone: no matter where they are, no matter who they are.  

The Gartner report: “A Strategic Framework for  Communicating with Frontline Workers in Times of Anxiety” offers detailed checklists around ensuring your company is prepared to reach, update, and connect employees when it matters most. 

Here are a few frameworks you’ll find in the report: 

  • Checklist to address team readiness
  • Checklist to address team collaboration needs
  • Checklist to address outreach campaign preparations

Gartner, A Strategic Framework for Communicating With Frontline Workers in Times of Anxiety, Mike Gotta, Adam Preset, 22 April 2020

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