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Company Size


This luxury automotive manufacturing company produced more than 2.5 million vehicles in 2016, has more than 120,000 employees, and manages hundreds of dealerships in the United States. As one of the best-selling automakers in the world, the company desperately needed a way to streamline communication across its network of global dealerships and with all of its employees.

It's critical for staff at these dealerships to stay informed about sales programs, product announcements and recalls, and company news and success stories. But delivering the most relevant content in a timely manner proved to be extraordinarily difficult. The workforce is dispersed around the world. Also, the information needs of employees are unique to their roles and departments. Finally, employees at dealerships tend to be always on the go and typically aren't sitting in front of computers. It was critical that the company implement a solution designed and optimized for mobile that delivers relevant, timely company communication to the right employee at the right time.

Lack of Connection to Dealership Employees

The automotive manufacturer needed a more efficient, effective line of communication with their dealerships and employees. But the company lacked the ability to deliver needed information. Because it has a global reach, the company needed a way to give access to multiple administrators so they could oversee content creation, curation, and distribution. Also, information had to be disseminated based on relevancy and importance.

Employees wanted an easier, mobile-friendly way to receive company news and content while on the job. Video has proved to be an especially effective form of employee communication throughout the business world. But the company didn't have the capability to deliver video content to their dealership managers and employees. Even if the company were able to more effectively distribute content, it wasn’t able to measure whether employees read or watched the messages.

Key Communication Challenges

  • ! No clear line of communication with dealerships and employees
  • ! Inability to reach all employees, wherever they work
  • ! Need for multiple administrators to have access
  • ! Employees lacked a mobile-friendly way to receive company news
  • ! Inability to deliver video-based content
  • ! Couldn't measure impact of communication strategy
43 percent of U.S. employees work remotely at least part of the time.

Connecting with Employees on Their Terms

Dynamic Signal's Employee and Communication Platform transformed the company's communication strategy. Now, the communication team is able to send a variety of messages and content to workers, in real time.

The company was able to quickly train and onboard more than 2,500 dealership employees. The plan is to continue expanding access to the platform to all on-site staff, including sales reps, service managers, and parts managers. The platform has been wildly successful because it streamlines communication efforts and delivers relevant news to all employees, wherever they are – whether it's in the service area or on the showroom floor.

Dynamic Signal's measurement capability has given the company insights into which employees are receiving, opening, and engaging with their news and messages. General managers also can share weekly videos with their dealership employees – with workers having the ability to respond and engage with comments.

How Dynamic Signal Helped

  • Onboarded more than 2,500 dealership employees
  • Provided a platform optimized for mobile that streamlines company communication
  • Enabled targeted delivery of relevant news
  • Ability to track employee engagement with content
  • General managers can send video content to employees within their dealerships
55 percent of employees said that a mobile app would help them be more informed and engaged with their organizations. Mindshare

Modernize Your Communication and Engagement Strategy

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