Global Fitness Organization Aligns On-The-Go Workforce



Company Size


This global organization is an operator of fitness centers in the Eastern United States and in Switzerland. Operating more than 150 clubs, the company caters to more than 500,000 members. With such a large reach across multiple locations, the organization faced a growing challenge communicating with employees. This was especially the case for employees on the gym floor who worked hand-in-hand with customers.

Trainers and in-club associates are passionate about their work. But they are always on the move and rarely sitting in front of a computer. This makes it difficult for the company to ensure these employees are properly informed and educated about the latest company news, announcements, and promotions.

Break Room Posters and On-The-Go Employees

Fitness center employees are constantly bouncing between private training sessions, running group classes and conducting a host of other customer service responsibilities. The organization needed a better way to deliver information to trainers and associates on their mobile devices. Because the company would rely on outdated methods of communication like break room posters, it was hard to measure if the news was being received. Many trainers and associates do not have a company email address, which made it impossible to communicate with them digitally. The company was searching for an easy way to share information with employees without disrupting their work. It needed something that would give them access to news, in real time, wherever they were.

Problems The Company Needed To Solve

  • ! Inability to deliver important information to on-the-go employees
  • ! Outdated methods of communication such as break room posters
  • ! Needed a solution that didn't disrupt daily tasks over employees
  • ! Many trainers and associates don't have company email
80 percent of the global workforce performs work each day that doesn't involve sitting at a desk.

Modernized Communications Strategy

With a goal of strengthening the connection to its global workforce, the company adopted the Dynamic Signal Platform. For the first time ever, trainers and associates could receive real-time updates, news, and announcements on their mobile devices. They no longer had to rely on break room posters to learn important company information. This mobile-optimized platform put company information in the pockets of all employees, regardless if they have a company email or not. With Dynamic Signal’s targeting functionality, managers can deliver content to individual employees or groups based on their locations, roles, preferences, or interests. The company is now able to deliver content in the way that employees prefer.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Modernized communication strategy aligns the global organization
  • Enables the company to reach trainers and associates with real-time updates via mobile
  • Employees can engage with content when most convenient to them
  • Platform puts company information in the pocket of every employee
  • Managers can deliver content to individual employees or groups based on their role
Americans check their mobile devices an average of 46 times a day. Deloitte

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