Worldwide Restaurant Chain Streamlines Communication For Dispersed Workers


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As one of the world's largest fast-food chains, located in 120 countries and serving 68 million customers each day, this company operates more than 36,000 restaurants. It's a monumental challenge communicating with more than 375,000 employees. With a workforce spread across the globe, it's increasingly difficult to ensure that people who represent the brand have easy access to the right information.

Expanding Communication Beyond Break Room Posters

The company needed to find a better solution than just relying on break room posters to communicate with its employees. The organization understood the value of empowering employees to become company advocates. But there also was no way to manage and scale a process that would transform employees into brand ambassadors. Distributing news, content and offers to employees in different locations, groups, stores, and languages also proved to be cumbersome. Most of all, the company lacked a way to utilize mobile as a platform for company communication.

Key Communication Challenges

  • ! Needed a better communication strategy than break room posters
  • ! Inability to manage and scale communication and employee advocacy programs
  • ! Distributing content to employees was cumbersome and difficult
  • ! Lacked a way to use mobile as a platform for company communication
80 percent of the global workforce performs work each day that doesn't involve sitting at a desk.

Delivering Relevant Content Based on Roles, Language and Location

The Dynamic Signal Platform streamlines communication efforts so that employees are more informed and can engage customers through their social media networks with authentic advocacy. Because of the platform's robust functionality, the company is able to segment and target content to the right employees at the right time. Because the platform is designed for mobile, the company finally has the ability to engage all employees wherever they are. Dynamic Signal also enables the organization to track and measure what content employees are consuming and what they are sharing.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Mobile platform reaches all employees
  • Ability to target content to the right employees at the right time
  • Every employee can receive and share approved company content
  • Metrics demonstrate the impact of employee engagement
55 percent of employees say that a mobile application would help them be more informed and engaged with their company. Mindshare

Modernize Your Communications Strategy

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