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As a global provider of human resources management software and services, this organization gives companies of every size the tools to help their people thrive. As one of the largest and most experienced HR providers, it provides services such as payroll, benefits, and regulatory compliance as well as talent management and analytics. The company offers recruit-to-retire services and solutions that help businesses build teams that will take them into the future. Because of its focus on empowering companies and teams, the company needed a modern, mobile-optimized communication platform that would provide a similar experience.

Ineffective Content Distribution Strategy

Companies around the world rely on this organization’s cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people. The company has a very active sales force and considerable content to support sales enablement. In fact, there was an overwhelming amount of content. And there was no easy way to get it to the sales team in a fast, efficient way. Because the company used multiple communication systems, it was also difficult to see what content was working and being actively shared through social media. The organization knew employees were active on social channels. But there was no way for them to track and empower their employees to share company and industry news.

Problems The Company Needed To Solve

  • ! No effective way to distribute sales enablement content
  • ! Inability to track and measure communications
  • ! Lack of ability to measure social media activity and engagement
  • ! Provide employees with an easy way to share approved content
Using the Dynamic Signal Platform as well as using Salesforce to track leads, we’re able to show the impact of a piece of content shared through our employees on multiple social channels.
Manager, Social Selling & Sales Communications

Driving Rapid Adoption and Success

The HR management company began with a targeted rollout to one business unit. But based on rapid adoption and success, it quickly expanded to three additional units. The company also made the most of the Dynamic Signal/Salesforce integration. By combining employee IDs from the two systems, managers were able to drill down on a granular level to assess what content was being shared and see which colleagues were driving clicks and shares. The company was able to harness the power of more than 5,000 employee advocates who were responsible for more than 600,000 shares. Recently, in order to grow the program exponentially, ownership of the program migrated from marketing to sales, where it has tripled in growth.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Launched a communication strategy optimized for mobile
  • Single platform where employees can easily access relevant content
  • Enabled global sales reps to become industry thought-leaders
  • Provided metrics to demonstrate impact of the communication strategy
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  • 500M+

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