A new gold standard for HR

Top Enterprise HR executives use Dynamic Signal to speed up on-boarding, increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and decrease recruiting costs.

Watch the demo to see how you can:

  • Deliver targeted communications to every employee, wherever they are
  • Empower your people to share survey responses, photos, videos and stories directly from the app
  • Send push notifications to employees on their mobile phones
  • Engage your employees with content in a personalized, interactive newsfeed

Dynamic Signal will help you build a better employee experience by enabling targeted, relevant communications and aggregating important information, resources, and tools. Our platform allows you to give every employee a voice, facilitate social recognition, and highlight the very best of company culture– keeping employees happier and more engaged. These loyal, “activated” employees will become employer brand advocates that participate in social recruiting, helping reduce recruiting costs, speed up time-to-hire, and attract better candidates that are good cultural fits.