A Vibrant ING Employee Platform Designed for Sharing Positive Content

8,000Employees registered

19Million impressions generated

26Countries planned for global rollout


Financial Services

Company Size

53,000 employees

“ING Share It is the one place where employees can stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere, on mobile or desktop, and share content knowing it’s 100% approved by the company,”

– Marvin der Meer, Global Communication Advisor

Accentuate the positive.  That’s what ING, the Dutch multinational banking and financial services giant, has been doing as it continues a global launch of ING Share It, a new platform to help employees learn about and share positive content about the company’s products, webinars, planning tools, and employee experience – from sustainability to innovation.

Developed and supported by Dynamic Signal, the ING Share It platform is becoming an easy way for employees to find relevant ING content from the public domain and third parties in one place and share it. This is typically content posted by ING on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Boosting External Communications and Social Advocacy

Marvin der Meer“ING Share It is the one place where employees can stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere, on mobile or desktop, and share content knowing it’s 100% approved by the company,” says Marvin der Meer, ING’s global communication advisor who is managing the platform’s international expansion, along with an internal social media team.

“Since COVID, online audiences are more eager for news, and our employees like the fact that ING Share It provides a place where they can find news they can trust,” he says. “We then learn from these users through Dynamic Signal’s analytics programs – tracking adoption, viewership, and audience engagement – to help us refine our content, boost external communications, and encourage social advocacy and community activity.”

Expanding from a UK Application to a Global Platform

Initially launched in 2017 by the company’s UK operations, the platform is now expanding globally, with information and graphics tailored for specific markets and countries, providing a broader multi-media reach than other platforms, including compelling images, video, and written content.

In January 2019, the company started onboarding ING Share It as an asset of the Global Center of Expertise Brand Experience & Communications. Shortly thereafter, Marvin’s team started a pilot phase within three areas, Poland, the Netherlands and Asia (Singapore, Philippines and Manilla). As the pilot phase was being introduced, the company put corporate systems, controls, communications, and training in place to move incrementally towards launching the platform in all ING country locations.

With ING Share It now available to employees in the UK & Middle East, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, and Asia, the next country on deck will be Spain.

Rewarding Employee Participation

To encourage participation, ING Share It has a “gamification” component that rewards local employees for their engagement activities – likes, comments, and shares – with points to earn useful prizes, like a mobile phone charger. Employees can even establish member leaderboards to stimulate competition within departments, teams, or countries.

ING PolandThe gamification component is used to measure employee activities on the platform and give immediate feedback to the teams about progress. “We are dedicated from beginning to end to make sure ING Share It remains interesting and relevant with new features for employees who are motivated to share our positive strategy message,” Marvin explains.

To introduce the new platform, Poland wanted to play on the idea of sharing ING content as the main function of ING Share It in a non-standard way, using cyber culture-inspired humor and wordplay. Through its playful approach, which is not typical of banks, ING Poland successfully raised awareness and boldly persuaded its employees to embrace the platform’s positive approach.

Spreading the Company’s Message Cost-effectively

To date, approximately 8,000 people around the world have joined the platform, a number expected to climb significantly as the global rollout continues among the 26 countries in which ING operates.  In addition to Marvin’s global team, the platform and the content in each of the countries is managed by a team of administrators who have a deeper understanding of their local business focus (i.e., retail or wholesale) audiences and cultures.

By encouraging employees to share positive information and insights about ING on social media, the company generated more than 19 million extra impressions in 2020 alone. In 2021, this trend is expected to continue to result in valuable earned media — word-of-mouth content about a brand that is not paid for or promoted through advertising.

“The platform that Dynamic Signal developed is a tool that made this easy,” Marvin explains. “With one click of a button, an employee can share an interesting article with their own network.” Popular topics with ING Share It members are events, sustainability, innovation, and proof points of ING accomplishments around the world.

“With this special kind of engagement – with the incentives of gamification – shares and likes can skyrocket,” Marvin adds.  “Employees are happy to see positive company news and industry information all in one place that they can share on their own favorite networks. This expanded reach, with positive content ING is already putting out in the world, is a huge plus for ING and its employees.”


Key Takeaways


  • Struggled to reach employees on a global level with approved company news and content
  • Needed a better way to keep employees up-to-date, anytime, anywhere, across platforms and devices
  • Lacked a way to provide employees with approved shareable content for social media

Dynamic Signal Impact

  • Registered over 8,000 ING employees to the platform shortly after launch
  • Generated more than 19 million extra impressions in 2020 alone
  • Now positioned for global rollout to the 26 countries in which ING operates


  • Employees now see positive company news and industry information all in one place
  • Ability for employees to easily share approved company content from mobile and desktop
  • Content being shared about events, sustainability, innovation and proofpoints of ING accomplishments around the world