Global Food Company Connects with Employees Across Brands, Locations, and Languages



Company Size


The largest food company in the world, encompassing more than 20 global brands, numerous product lines, and employees dispersed throughout the world, faced the challenge of communicating with its vast workforce. The ability to streamline communication and empower employees to be advocates for the company was extremely difficult with so many different stakeholders. In fact, the organization was still relying on email, newsletters, and the intranet to communicate information. All proved to be ineffective.

Lack of Connection to Global Employees

The company had no ability to engage employees with important news and content on their mobile devices. The company needed a way to streamline communication so that the same messages were getting to corporate employees and factory workers across a variety of brands, locations, and languages. The internal communication team also wanted to give employees a safe and easy method to share approved company content on social media – extending the brand's reach.

Key Communication Challenges

  • ! Complicated communication process
  • ! Inability to deliver same message to corporate employees and factory workers
  • ! Couldn't reach employees on their mobile devices
  • ! Company relied on email, newsletters and the intranet to communicate news
  • ! Employees didn't have a safe, easy way to share approved company content
Productivity improves by 20 to 25 percent in organizations with connected employees.

Delivering Relevant Content Directly to Employees

The Dynamic Signal Platform provides an easy, mobile-optimized solution that connects the company with workers throughout the entire organization. The platform is easily accessible by employees across all of the brands and locations. The initial program was so successful that the platform quickly was introduced to additional brands and locations to involve even more employees. The company implemented Single Sign-On, making it easy for employees to access the app, receive content, and share on their social media networks. The company also collaborated with Dynamic Signal to provide extensive training and support, which encompassed live webinars, videos, and interactive sessions.

The Dynamic Signal Solution

  • Provides an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized solution
  • Accessible to employees across all brands and locations
  • Expanded the program quickly to additional brands and locations
  • Implemented quick sign-on process for employees to access the app
55 percent of employees said that a mobile application would help them be more informed and engaged with their company. Mindshare

Modernize Your Communication Strategy

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