Mobile Intranet

Bring the Intranet to Your Employees

Most employees don’t use the company intranet. Research has found that 31 percent of employees never visit their intranet and 74 percent of workers feel they are missing out on information. Critical company content isn’t getting to the modern workforce because intranets weren’t designed for today’s on-the-go employees who expect information to come to them.

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Our short assessment reveals if your current employee engagement strategy connects, engages, and activates your employees.

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Make your intranet content accessible

Reduce communication noise for employees by delivering relevant content based on job function, location, department, or any other custom attribute. Give employees the option to subscribe to specific areas of interest. Auto-subscribe employees to important content categories. Engage your global workforce by communicating in their preferred languages.

Connect with the systems you already use

Seamlessly integrate with your existing business tools and systems. Meet your organization’s unique needs with APIs that integrate with intranets, collaboration tools, and systems of records. Create and manage member profiles. Source content and employee information. Broadcast to third-party channels. All at enterprise scale.

Measure how your workforce engages with your intranet content

Measure and analyze your program with real-time metrics. Complete visibility into adoption rates, participation, content views, reads, shares, clicks, social reactions, impressions, reach, and more. Monitor program performance with simple-to-use dashboards and graphical reports. Easily export data for further analysis.

Organizations Rely on Dynamic Signal for their Mobile Intranet