Dynamic Signal, The Mobile-First Employee Communication And Engagement Platform

The world’s leading companies rely on Dynamic Signal to dramatically drive business growth by developing a workforce that’s connected, engaged, and activated from headquarters to the frontline.

Intranet’s aren’t all bad. But in order to be effective, employees must be willing and able to access them. In a world where nearly 80% of employees don’t sit at a desk, that can be a problem. And software solutions that focus solely on improving your existing intranet experience won’t solve it. This costly communication gap can result in employees who are less informed, more disengaged, and not as productive. 

With Dynamic Signal’s comprehensive Employee Communication and Engagement platform, you can deliver relevant, targeted content across every communication channel, including email, intranets, collaboration tools, and an award-winning mobile app. Create your own content within the platform, or automatically source it from intranets, social feeds, and 3rd party websites. Make your most important resources and tools easily accessible to every employee via mobile and web, at the top of a personalized newsfeed. Regularly collect feedback to inform strategic decisions and improve the employee experience. Build brand equity and grow your talent pipeline by enabling employees to easily share favorable press-coverage, thought leadership, and job listings across their personal social media networks. With in-depth analytics you’ll always be able to measure and optimize your communication efforts across every segment of your organization.  

By connecting, engaging, and activating your employees with Dynamic Signal, you can drive results that will transform your business. On average, our customers report:  

  • 38% Faster Employee Communications 
  • 30% Increase in Employee Engagement 
  • 32% Increase in Employee Feedback 
  • 16% Increase in Employee Productivity 
  • 11% Decrease in Employee Attrition