Dynamic Signal, The Mobile-First Employee Communication And Engagement Platform

The world’s leading companies rely on Dynamic Signal to dramatically drive business growth by developing a workforce that’s connected, engaged, and activated from headquarters to the frontline.

Dynamic Signal is more than an intranet. Our award-winning mobile-first platform and app are personalizable for each employee and scalable to meet the needs and complexities of your organization. The majority of the American Workforce is deskless. They work on delivery trucks, manufacturing floors, hospital wards, and retail stores. Organizations struggle to deliver critical information to these dispersed workers. This costly communication gap results in employees who are less informed, more disengaged, and not as productive. Dynamic Signal will allow you to reach every employee with the right communication on the right channels to develop a more informed, engaged, and activated workforce.

With Dynamic Signal’s multi-channel broadcasting ability, you can reach every employee, even if they don’t have a company email address or access to your intranet. Reach them via email, mobile push, in-app, SMS, Slack, Yammer, Chatter, and Messenger. Our platform is the only Enterprise Communication platform to deliver automated content sourcing that recommends relevant high-quality content from across the web. This will give your employees more material to share, and it will create value for them by providing worthwhile knowledge relating to their fields and interests. Create and import content from any source, and measure the effectiveness and impact of your communication efforts across every segment of your organization, while receiving feedback from employees.

On average, Dynamic Signal customers see:

  • 30% increase in Employee Engagement
  • 39% Increase in Brand Awareness
  • 38% Faster Employee Communications
  • 16% Increase in Employee Productivity