How PageGroup Consultants Raise Their Profiles with Dynamic Signal

70Percent of registered users

25Percent employee adoption

$1.8Million in Earned Media Value



Company Size

7,500 employees

“We’re very happy with Dynamic Signal. The change for us as a company is that we’ve become much more visible. We have seen a lot of value as it helps our consultants to strengthen their digital, personal brands. As a people business, we’ve seen that positively impact our corporate brands.”

– Pieter Bailleul, Head of Brand and Content Marketing

Recruiting is a people business. Clients and organizations may conduct business with firms. But the magic happens at the one-on-one level with the trust built by individual consultants.

That’s why the secret to success for the recruitment company PageGroup is this:

The people.

“We strongly believe that our brand rests on our consultants,” said Pieter Bailleul, Head of Brand and Content Marketing. “Our clients do business with our people. PageGroup provides the framework to deliver our services in a structured, high-quality way. But it’s still done by our people. Highlighting their expertise and raising their visibility helps us to further our brand awareness.”

PageGroup has a dispersed workforce of more than 7,500 people in 36 countries who are committed to changing lives and creating opportunities for business professionals so they can reach their potential. PageGroup serves as a “matchmaker” between candidates and organizations to fill every office-setting position – from administrative assistant to CEO. It has four core lines of business:

  • Page Executive: Attracting and retaining leadership talent
  • Michael Page: Professional and mid-management level
  • Page Personnel: Technical, administrative, clerical, and junior management levels
  • Page Outsourcing: High-volume recruiting for temporary projects

PageGroup believes it’s crucial to highlight the consultants who are connecting people and companies. One way is by providing shareable articles, case studies, and thought-leadership pieces that shine a spotlight on their abilities and inspire confidence. That creates what PageGroup calls the four elements of trust: expertise, experience, track record, and ability to deliver.

“All of this is made very easy to do with our PageSocial platform through Dynamic Signal,” Bailleul said.

The Challenge

PageGroup, founded in 1976 in the United Kingdom, has an international focus. (Bailleul is an example. He’s a native of Belgium who is based in PageGroup’s Barcelona office and speaks six languages.)

Relationship-building has always been critical in recruiting. What’s changed drastically is how that’s achieved. A decade ago, a consultant would work off databases of PageGroup clients and candidates.

Then social media arrived on the scene.

“Everything became more and more digital,” Bailleul said. “It’s not just important to have a physical or a phone connection with your client. You need an always-on connection with the content that you post in your network – like on LinkedIn or Twitter. This is how consultants position themselves as experts within their markets.”

Hiring has never been more important. Global unemployment rates remain low. It’s difficult for organizations to retain and attract talent. Professionals have more job options. In this hyper-competitive environment, PageGroup consultants must stand out in a crowded field.

“More and more, candidates are getting lots of contacts by recruiters and agencies,” he added. “They can make a quick judgment call in deciding whether or not they will take a call from a recruiter. When candidates turn online to search for our consultants, we need to make sure they demonstrate their expertise in their specific domain.”

As part of PageGroup’s digital transformation, the company implemented the Dynamic Signal platform, which is called PageSocial. The platform empowers consultants to share approved, on-brand, and captivating content to their networks.


For PageGroup, sharing content to the right people at the right time is not easy. Each core brand has a website in every local market. There are 60 websites globally and 34 alone in Europe. PageGroup found it’s challenging to build a social media following through content perceived as “corporate.”

“You won’t get much of a reaction on the corporate channel,” Bailleul explained. “But, you will see an enormous reaction when a recruiter will post something relevant to their audience.”

Previously, the sharing process was disjointed. Consultants would receive an email with the URL to an article and some suggested text. It was challenging to get those busy consultants to follow through.

Today, PageSocial makes that happen with one click.

About 25 percent of the company has access to the platform, and 1,600 people are senior leaders who are active users. Consultants can tweak the suggested text in posted content to put their spin on the information. PageGroup encourages them to share something every week.

Also, because PageGroup serves so many different countries, it’s essential that Dynamic Signal supports the 15 or so languages needed by the company.

Consultants have come to see the benefit of the platform, Bailleul said. That’s especially the case for the ones who install the PageSocial app on their mobile devices and receive notifications when new content is available.

Through the first ten months of 2019, PageGroup generated an estimated $1.8 million in Earned Media Value as the company saw 106,000 social media shares – mainly on LinkedIn. At the same time, Bailleul said he’s careful about ROI related to the platform because those numbers can become “quite fluffy.” Instead, they pay close attention to the amount and type of stories shared as well as the actual traffic generated to their websites.

PageGroup Active Users“If people are sharing articles in their networks talking about topics that we find important, that has high value for us,” Bailleul said. “We make our consultants the curators of the information shared because they know what’s more relevant to their networks.”

Platform analytics provide an added benefit – improving their content strategy.

“We can quite quickly see where our gaps are by looking at what articles are actively shared,” he added. “Are there areas where we need to do a bigger push? Are there topics where we should cover better?”

An impressive 70 percent of registered users are active on PageSocial, which ranks it among the top-performing platforms of Dynamic Signal customers – and the best in EMEA. It’s also an award-winning program. LinkedIn ranked PageGroup first in the global category for large firms in its list of most socially engaged staffing firms for 2018.

Driving Adoption

The focus now is growing usage of PageSocial – particularly as the company expands the program into North America, Latin America, and APAC.

Muneet Dohil“This year, PageGroup has really taken the platform to the next level,” said Muneet Dohil, Senior Customer Success Manager at Dynamic Signal. “Empowering their recruitment consultants to become thought-leaders in their space has been the real driving force for success. It is a joy to be working with such a dedicated team who firmly understand the power and potential of the software.”

PageGroup is now experimenting with additional features, such as newsletters that summarize the content and Quick Links to make key items easily accessible. These features help build momentum and highlight the platform not only as a vehicle for advocacy but as a resource for recruitment consultants.

Encouraging senior management to serve as evangelists for PageSocial has been a critical program driver. While platform management is overseen in Barcelona, content distribution and adoption primarily are conducted locally. This explains why getting the Managing Directors in each country to promote PageSocial with their teams has such an impact.

Those community managers ensure the right content gets to consultants. They’re also instrumental in driving mobile app adoption and promoting increased sharing. In one recent campaign, PageGroup salespeople and marketers received small gift cards if they increased their shares by 15 percent over the previous month.

“We saw is a 55 percent increase in the number of articles shared to the platform,” Bailleul said. “So, we were quite happy with that.”

Leaderboards also have wide appeal in PageGroup’s sales-driven culture. Competitive consultants like to see how they are stacking up against their peers. It’s also a way to track the international reach of the company. For instance, the Top Three sharers work in Mexico, Belgium, and France.

Acclimating new hires to the platform now is essential in the onboarding process. Guides and webinars help consultants understand what’s in it for them. Additionally, Bailleul’s team introduced short videos where leaders speak about the success their seeing with the platform and why everyone should use PageSocial.

“For us, it’s about getting the brands out there, supporting our consultants, and helping them do more business more easily and quickly,” Bailleul said. “It’s much easier to distribute the content with much less effort.”


We’re very happy with the platform. It’s a very flexible tool that, in many ways, is self-service. But we get a quick answer every time we have a question, and we’re impressed with the way improvements constantly are coming to us. There’s a very transparent collaboration between our two companies.”
Pieter Bailleul, Head of Brand and Content Marketing


Key Takeaways


  • Needed to help PageGroup consultants to stand out in a crowded field
  • Wanted to make it easier for consultants to share content with their networks
  • Lacked the ability to measure the business impact of sharing content

Dynamic Signal Impact

  • 70 percent of registered users are active on the platform
  • Increase in the amount of PageGroup content shared on social media
  • Can determine what content is resonating best


  • Raises the profile on consultants by highlighting their expertise
  • Creates greater awareness of the PageGroup brand
  • Simplifies the process for busy consultants to share their knowledge
  • Increases traffic to local websites