Reliant Rehab Reimagines How Their Therapists Connect

85percent adoption of their full-time employees

100percent adoption for many teams during Rehabilitation Week.

100+employee submitted posts per day during National Rehabilitation Week



Company Size

9,000 Licensed therapists

“This has been on my career to-do list for about the last ten years, and I was so grateful that Reliant afforded us the opportunity to use a platform like Dynamic Signal. It’s been a really good game changer for us.”

– Michelle Metzger, Senior Director of Communications

With the ReliantLINK platform, Reliant Rehabilitation is reimagining the way their therapists connect, even in the most unreachable places.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Reliant Rehabilitation provides physical, occupational and speech therapy to patients in nursing facilities across 40 states. With more than 9,000 therapists working for the company, many of them in rural areas, the challenge was how to communicate and engage with them in the most efficient way possible. In search of a solution, Reliant Rehabilitation reached out to Dynamic Signal, which helped develop ReliantLINK, an easy-to-use employee and engagement platform.

Michelle Metzger

“This has been on my career to-do list for about the last ten years,” Michelle Metzger, Senior Director of Communications, said in a recent webinar, “and I was so grateful that Reliant afforded us the opportunity to use a platform like this. It’s been really a good game changer for us.”

Michelle has been overseeing the platform, monitoring all communications as a veritable “team of one,” and has seen engagement spike across the board, from therapists to company leaders. For her, it came back to what she referred to as the golden rule of communications.

Golden Rule #1: What’s in it for Me

“Anyone you’re communicating to, the number one rule is, ‘What’s in it for me?’” she said. “You have to have something that’s in it for them, otherwise you’re just sending out things across the transom and hoping that they pay attention.”

In this case, Michelle saw ReliantLINK as a chance for therapists to not only receive updates and information, but also showcase their own individual spirit. In 2020, for National Rehabilitation Week, Reliant Rehabilitation planned a number of fun activities, such as a crazy sock day, a superhero day and a crazy hat day, which even saw the CEO get involved, recording a video with his newborn son, featuring both of them wearing hats. Immediately, Michelle saw the difference in engagement.

Reliant Rehab Banners

“We’ve run national rehabilitation spirit weeks in the past, almost every year,” she said. “And we’ve challenged people to send things to our social media email address and then we’d post it on social media. In years past, before ReliantLINK,we’d get maybe four or five posts on a good day. And that’s what we were expecting for this particular effort. But when we launched ReliantLINK and used this as the hook, we didn’t get five or six posts a day. We got over a hundred posts a day.”

Golden Rule #2: Pizza is the Great Unifier

The engagement reinforced to Michelle that there was a huge need for therapists in the field to connect with each other, especially during the time of COVID. With therapists still working even through lockdowns, wearing PPE and sometimes being the only contact that patients had, the stress and challenges of the job multiplied. For Michelle, the goal was to motivate and incentivize workers, and also to recognize their efforts. For example, teams that had 100 percent registration for ReliantLINK during Rehabilitation Week were treated to a pizza party.

“It worked and we got people on the platform,” she said. “So we had three weeks of this pizza party and we were at a hundred facilities within a couple of weeks.”

This sense of engagement and community has continued with programs within Reliant to incentivize employees to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

“Our clinical officer came up with, ‘Roll out to fight COVID,’” said Michelle, “and our creative director was like, ‘Oh, I’ve got these Rosie the Riveter graphics.’ And we had posts from people showing their T-shirts and bandanas. And it was so adorable to see that campaign come to life for real. To see people saying, ‘I’m protecting my family, I’m protecting my patients. This is what I’m doing to fight COVID.’”

For Michelle, the goal of ReliantLINK is to create an authentic social experience for both the therapists and the clients and communicate necessary information while also conveying a spirit of fun and joy. That extends even to the way Reliant employees present themselves on the platform. Michelle says they encourage real, untouched images of their therapists to convey authenticity and relatability.

Golden Rule #3: Get Real

“We want somebody who looks like me,” Michelle said. “Maybe they have a hair out of place, maybe they have a crooked smile. I like that. That means it’s real. Authenticity is everything with social media.”

Although Reliant follows HIPAA guidelines very strictly, with every post being reviewed and approved personally by her, and no post being shared without a signed HIPAA release, Michelle believes that ReliantLINK is helping to revamp the model of healthcare communications, celebrating therapists and patients in a fun and exciting way while still maintaining the proper regulations. The goal now is to continue the platform’s growth.

We would love to be at a hundred percent adoption rate. That would be amazing,” Michelle said. “While we are at 85% adoption with our full-time employees, we can continue to add and increase engagement.”

To hear more about Reliant Rehabilitation’s success with the Dynamic Signal platform, watch a full webinar on-demand featuring Senior Director of Communications Michelle Metzger.

Key Takeaways


  • Communicating with therapists in rural areas in a more efficient way
  • Engaging therapists with content that provides value and commands their attention

Dynamic Signal Impact

  • Briefly after launch adoption reached 80% for full-time employees, and 50% for part-time employees.
  • Received more than 100 posts per day using ReliantLINK during National Rehabilitation Week, a substantial increase from just 5-6 per day.
  • Using a pizza party challenge, launched at more than 100 of their 867 facilities in the first three weeks.


  • Created an authentic social experience for both the therapists and the clients
  • Enhanced sense of belonging and well-being in a workforce that is somewhat isolated by nature of the work
  • Have conveying a spirit of fun and joy with communications via the ReliantLINK platform