How Sage Mobilizes Employees to become Advocates for the Brand

60Percent employee adoption

305,000Pieces of content shared

263,000Clicks generated



Company Size

13,000 employees in 23 countries

“We chose Dynamic Signal to be our partner because we wanted to be very granular with the type of content we shared with our employees and the analytics we can track. Someone who is in finance in Germany can see something that’s completely different from a colleague who is in Nigeria on the business development team. Dynamic Signal allows for the customizing of the content and the back-end reporting we receive.”

– Sonia Rosua-Clyne, Global Advocacy & Influencer Manager

Sage is a global software company based in the U.K. with employees spread across five continents, serving three million customers. It’s an innovative organization that recognizes the power and potential of mobilizing employees to become persuasive ambassadors for the brand. 

In this time of widespread skepticism toward institutions like major companies, smart businesses are looking for ways to build greater trust with potential customers. Sage wanted to enable employees to develop positive word-of-mouth about the company, create awareness about products, and discuss how it’s a great place to work – all by sharing content on social media in their authentic voices. 

Every company is saying that they’re the best in something and that you should buy from them,” said Sonia Rosua-ClyneGlobal Advocacy & Influencer Manager. “But when it comes from an actual employee, that person’s credibility carries over to the company. Sage is uniquely positioned to do that. People are really passionate about what they do, and they really want to talk about it. So, why not help them in a way that both suits the company and the employees?” 

When employees are more engaged, they are more likely to become advocates, she added. Sage needed to identify robust, flexible platform that would be the central place for employees to learn about everything that’s happening throughout the worldwide company. It also would have the capability for employees to easily, confidently, and safely share content with their personal social media networks.  

The company achieved both of those goals with Sage Voices, powered by Dynamic Signal. In fact, 60 percent of employees enrolled on the platform in just the first year.  

Employee Communications AppCulture and brand loyalty aren’t something that you create,” Rosua-Clyne added. “At Sage, it’s already there. Sage Voices just gives people the ability to amplify it. Employees who have been at Sage for a very long time, even 15 or 20 years, are really invested in the program. They really love Sage Voices. 

Employee Advocacy at SageThe platform delivers the latest brand news and stories that support the company mission and values. It’s a mix of what employees need to know and what will interest them. The information – a combination of content produced by Sage and curated from external sources – is targeted to the role, division, location of each employee. So, it’s always relevant for every individual. Employees also are invited to submit their own content. 

Because all content is moderated, employees feel comfortable that they’re sharing only company-approved content. Also, Sage conducts training sessions that focus on the value the platform brings to employees. Rosua-Clyne explained that while the program certainly benefits Sage, the goal also to help employees build their personal brands and set them up as thought-leaders in their fields of expertise. 

“The ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ element is essential to our success,” she said. “We constantly talk about personal branding and why it’s important for people to know what’s being said about them on social media and to take ownership of their online presence.” 

Through the platform’s reporting capabilities, Rosua-Clyne is able to track the impact on Sage’s bottom line. After one year, employees had contributed 28,000 posts and shared 305,000 pieces of content that had generated more than 263,000 clicks and 95,000 reactions with 305 million potential impressions. Platform metrics also give Sage visibility into what kinds of content resonate with employees so the strategy can be continuously improved. 

The most important metric for Rosua-Clyne is the thousands of new visitors brought to via the content shared by employees. 

“Like any other business initiative, it comes down to, ‘What’s the ROI,’” she said. “We make sure that every single link has an embedded UTM code, so we’re able to see how many people have clicked through, the time spent on the website, how many pages they’ve viewed, and ultimately if they’ve purchased something.” 

Employee Advocacy at SageIt’s why, she saida platform like Dynamic Signal no longer is a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. Sages Voices has reinforced workforce pride, built confidence in the brand and harnessed the power of employees to become external storytellers. The platform has also brought together colleagues who might not have met because they work in different countries. And good things happen at work when relationships are builtRosua-Clyne explained. 

“Life without Dynamic Signal at Sage wouldn’t be what it is now,” she added. “People can see what’s going on in South Africa, what’s going on in Australia, what’s going on in Spain. It really aids people in terms of knowing what’s happening with the rest of the company. I don’t think we would have that if it were not for Dynamic Signal.” 

Key Takeaways


  • Increase awareness about brand and products
  • Amplify employee voices on social media
  • Connect employees throughout the global company

Dynamic Signal Impact

  • 60 percent of employees enrolled on platform in the first year
  • Employees can share company-approved content confidently and easily
  • Accurate metrics to show impact on the business


  • 100 percent improvement in both speed of company communication and number of employees receiving it
  • Thousands of new visitors brought to
  • 305,000 pieces of content shared, generating more than 263,000 clicks and 95,000 reactions