How a Leading Technology Company Shares Its Story with Dynamic Signal

63Percent adoption rate after 3 weeks

$100,000in Earned Media Value generated

6MImpressions generated



Company Size

2,500 employees

“The entire process, from requesting a demo to checking out the platform to launching, just made me feel like Dynamic Signal team was entirely for us – like you were part of our team. I just felt from the moment Dynamic Signal started engaging with us that the company truly wanted to be our partners and help us be successful in what we were trying to do.

– Social Media Manager

A core value at one of Silicon Valley’s hottest tech companies is to “wear the customer’s shoes.” It stands for much more than just having empathy for their problems.

They take their shoes – literally.

ShoesWhenever customers visit one of their offices, they’re asked to bring along a pair of old shoes. They get exchanged for a new pair of company-branded sneakers. That explains the unique décor of shoes randomly hanging on the walls with small plaques of customers’ names and their organizations.

A very cool story about how a brand builds personal connections, right?

This company, a leading cloud communications platform, is full of these little insights that have contributed to a unique culture that has made it one of the best success stories in technology. As the company has grown exponentially, it was looking to share how its behind-the-scenes technology is changing the way the world communicates.

But the company wanted to tell that tale in a way that stayed true to another essential value: Be Humble. How could the company spread the word about the good things it was doing while also remaining authentic, genuine, and real?

“We’re a remarkable company,” the Social Media Manager said. “Yet one of the few things that we weren’t very good at was getting the word out about ourselves. That can be uncomfortable for a company that’s focused on a larger mission of serving others. But we knew we had to talk more about ourselves, and that the best way to do that was through the voices of our employees.”

The brand is accomplishing that goal through a partnership with Dynamic Signal.

“Our people are eager to post content on their social media networks that will establish themselves as thought-leaders and celebrate what’s happening at our company,” the Social Media Manager added. “We’ve just never really had a great way to communicate them. The Dynamic Signal platform showcases things that our people might not have been aware of and gives them the ability to share it.”

So, let’s dive into another cool story.

How this company empowers employees to tell the brand story.


The Backstory

The company was founded in 2008 to connect the world. Millions of developers use the company’s software as the building blocks to enable communication via voice, video, chat, text, email. The result is seamless engagement between brands like Nordstrom, Twitter, Zendesk, Salesforce with their customers.

Got a notification that your Uber or Lyft driver is waiting for you? Need a new Netflix password sent to you? Interactions with your Airbnb host? This company enables all of that to happen – and more. It’s why this company has become integral to how the modern world is connected.

Marketing efforts had previously focused on programming-centric events like hackathons, where the company brought together developers for collaborative sprints. But as the company grew, there was a need to generate greater awareness about this brand to the broader world. The Social Media Manager’s mission was to amplify the company’s story.

In fact, at the company’s annual user conference in 2018, the company trended No. 1 in San Francisco on social channels. It was a struggle, though. The process included sending emails to employees with suggested content that they could cut-and-paste into their social feeds. The company couldn’t track the impact of what was shared. It also simply wasn’t scalable for a company that doubled the number of employees in just one year.

“That was the moment when we realized we didn’t have a great way to give our employees the right content to share on their social channels,” the Social Media Manager said. “We needed to invest in a solution that would enable our employees to tell our story to their networks and measure the impact.”

The team explored numerous options.

One stood out.

“What sold us on Dynamic Signal was it just appeared to be really easy to use when compared to other platforms,” the Social Media Manager said. “It wasn’t cumbersome. It was very straightforward and intuitive.”

 Dynamic Signal also offered something innovative – an immersive training program to learn everything about the platform.

 “That experience was fantastic,” the Social Media Manager added.


The Bootcamp

The Essentials Implementation program teaches customers how to use the platform so they can launch quickly and successfully.

Program managers learn how to configure the platform to create the best experience for their employees. They also talk through engagement strategies, based on best practices from the more than 350 Dynamic Signal customers.

“When program managers leave, they’re going to have everything they possibly need to make the best decisions for their businesses,” said Sara Altman, a Dynamic Signal Implementation Consultant. “It’s a symposium that sets the stage for what’s next. We want you to feel like you could launch the next day if you wanted. Your platform is ready to go.”

The Social Media Manager of this company said it was especially beneficial to attend the two-day session with another customer. They collaborated on ideas for their programs as they worked with Altman through every step of the set-up process.

“I walked in the first day having never seen or touched the backend of the platform and left the second day feeling like I was an expert in Dynamic Signal,” the Social Media Manager said. “Working with Sara was like having your own personal cheerleader. She was such a helpful guide throughout the whole process of getting us launched. She always had the insight that helped give me the confidence to navigate which way we should go.”

Meanwhile, the Dynamic Signal implementation team worked with this company to make sure the technical integrations went smoothly.

“Our security team was saying that they knew the right things and had all the right answers to their questions,” the Social Media Manager said. “It was quick and easy.”


The Launch

In May of 2019, the company beta-tested the platform with about 250 key stakeholders throughout the company.

“I knew how important it would be to have their buy-in,” the Social Media Manager said. “I wanted to let them kick the tires so they could get comfortable with it. The goal simply was to let them know that this was going to be a new way for them to get the word out about our company.”

A few weeks later, armed with their feedback, he sent out a company-wide email to stay tuned for something big coming the next day. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer made the announcement at an all-hands meeting – the unveiling of the Dynamic Signal platform, which the company branded as Megaphone.

“We had hundreds of sign-ups just in the first 20 minutes,” the Social Media Manager said.

That was only the start.


Measurable Success

Getting adoption for any new piece of technology can be difficult. This company had an internal goal of getting half of the company’s 2,500 employees registered for the platform within the first six months.

63 Percent Employee AdoptionBut in just three weeks, 63 percent of the employees were enrolled.

Employees embraced the platform by generating 4,400 shares, which resulted in nearly 50,000 clicks and more than six million social media impressions. Using the platform’s configurable calculator, that activity equated to more than $100,000 in earn media value.

“It’s blown away our expectations,” the Social Media Manager said.

The platform became especially valuable in building interest for the 2019 user conference to highlight promotions and generate ticket sales. The Social Media Manager said that one-and-a-half-million of those impressions in the first three weeks were related to the conference.

The increased conversations about the company on social media also caught the attention of executive leadership and how the company’s share of voice was increasing noticeably.


Going Forward

The company has big plans for Megaphone.

The platform’s ability to target content will enable the Social Media Manager to customize content for employees in different locations, which is essential for a global company. Also, they intend to use the platform to shine a spotlight on the company’s “champions program” – rock star developers who use the product to build cool things.

Finally, the platform has already become such an integral part of the daily work lives of employees that the company is exploring the idea of expanding Megaphone into the company’s internal communications system.

“I was on a call with one of our teams recently,” the Social Media Manager recalled. “They said, ‘We love the platform because now there’s an understanding of what’s going on. We can see what press we’re getting.’ So, from a general awareness point of view, it’s helped people stay in the know.”

And employees want to share what they know. The Social Media Manager believes that many organizations underestimate the value of social media. It can be, he said, the first place someone has an interaction with your company.

“Your social media feeds are your living, breathing examples of what’s happening at this company and how you express yourself as an organization,” he added. “They capture who you are as an organization.”

The company has found that it can stay true to its “be humble” origins while also giving employees the ability to share their company pride.

“I think you can be proudly humble,” the Social Media Manager said. “With Megaphone, we’re just empowering people to celebrate where they work and the cool things that they get to do every day.”

In a way, Megaphone allows the rest of the world to walk in the company’s shoes.


The No. 1 thing that every person has said is that it’s so easy to use. From the initial invitation email to getting signed in, everyone says they cannot believe the ease of use. We’re absolutely thrilled with the results of our program.”

Social Media Manager


Key Takeaways


  • Wanted to ensure employees knew about the good things happening at the company
  • Needed a platform that empowered employees to share company content with their networks
  • Lacked the ability to measure the impact of employees sharing content

Dynamic Signal Impact

  • 63 percent adoption rate after just three weeks
  • Six million impressions, nearly 50,000 clicks, and 4,400 shares of content
  • Earned media value of more $100,000
  • Drove increased ticket sales to the annual user conference


  • Smooth, intuitive platform with inviting experience for employees
  • Employees know what’s happening around the organization
  • Everyone has a way to share their passion for the company